9 Marriage Books You Need On Your Nightstand

“Revolutionizing your relationship BEGINS in the heart, and the battle is WON between the sheets.” —Rochelle Foxx There are a lot of elements to an extraordinary marriage. But two elements are keystones… Emotional AND Physical Connection. This is why we love the quote from Rochelle… she reminds us that one is not “more important” than […]

352 – Personal Hygiene For A Great Sex LIfe

“What do brushing your teeth, taking a shower and making time to shave all have in common? They all improve your chances in the bedroom.” —Alisa DiLorenzo Interestingly enough we have never tackled the topic of personal hygiene, even though it’s something that we frequently discuss in our marriage. Things like morning breath, unshaven legs, and […]

3 Ways to Take Stress Out of the Holidays

Christmas is coming AGAIN this year, in fact it comes every year. Can you believe it? *Said with a little sarcasm.* 🙂 This holiday, make it a priority to not rip your hair out. Try a few of these quick tips to stress less… Lay Out Expectations Early Many easy miscommunications happen among the holiday […]

351 – Attitude of Gratitude

“Showing gratitude is one of the most simplest yet most powerful things that human beings can do for each other.” —Randy Pausch Thanksgiving. It’s a time dedicated to giving thanks and expressing gratitude to those you love. The act of expressing gratitude is important for your spouse who receives your gratitude as well as for you who is […]

7 *Merry* Days of Sex Challenge

Are you and your spouse up for a challenge? Ok, let’s face it, this year is almost over and it’s time to take some time to reflect on this year, both in your life and your marriage. Are you pleased with what you accomplished (individually / together)? Did you experience an adventure together? How did you […]

350 – Your Sexy Underwear Matters

“If her bra matches her panties when you take off her clothes, it wasn’t you who decided to have sex.” —Anonymous  When you are wearing sexy underwear it has a way of bringing you and your spouse together in a special way. A loose definition of sexy underwear is: underwear that has fun colors or patterns that hug you […]

69 Positive Marriage Quotes to Inspire and Motivate You

If you’ve been married for any length of time you know that there are amazing moments and blah times. Both can happen in the span of a day, hours, or even minutes. You connect during date night, enjoy the benefits of cuddling, or have taken on the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Then there are […]

349 – Lies Become a Cancer

“Once you lie to me the first time, I’ll question everything else you say.” —Anonymous When you lie to your spouse it’s a cancer that multiplies over time. The lie starts off small and then grows with one lie after another. Eventually you have something so large and unrecognizable that the pain you are experiencing has […]

Marriage Hacks: 7 Amazing Ways to Make Love Last

It is simply incredible to think that the ONE Family is almost 7 years old! To celebrate, we want to give you the most potent lessons we’ve learned to help marriages find new life. We figured the best way to share this would be to give you our top 7 marriage hacks (with plenty of […]

348 – You’re Snoring Too Loud

“Snoring is a good indication that one person is asleep and no one else is.” —Linda Poindexter It’s been another long day as you prepare yourself for a good night sleep. You slide into bed, turn on your Sound+Sleep Machine as you enjoy a quiet house. Your eyelids begin to close and you are just […]