The Sleep+Sound Machine is aimed to not only get you a good night’s rest but also to make sure that while you spend time in your room, that it is not only sleeping that you are doing.

It helps to make sure that your sex life does not just go down the drain simply because the kids are awake or other people are in the house.

There is no reason why your sex life should suffer simply because you have children or visitors over.

Having sex no matter how loud or how gentle you like it, will be pleasurable for you both.

Tony & Alisa DiLroenzo
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“You define what is important to you by who you spend your time with.” —Anonymous


When you were dating there was no shortage of things to do or ways that you wanted to spend your time together.

No matter where you were or what time of day it was you got creative.

After 20 years of sleeping in the same bed we know the struggle you face when you wake up in the middle of the night with no covers on you.

Yes… you spouse is a cover hog. 🙂

We have faced the same issue ourselves until we found the Cover Clamp. Quick and easy to set up, this clamp keeps our covers in place throughout the night.

No more waking up cold and uncovered. We highly recommend this if your covers are getting away from you at night.

Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
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