“No one should come between you and your spouse. They should come alongside you but not between you.” —Ashley McIlwain


When our son was 4 months old Tony’s dad took our little family out for lunch. Everything was going well until he offered our baby some of his Coca-Cola ®. As Alisa’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets and Tony stammered with the right words to speak, we saw the potential for tension and conflict across our families.

There are stages and layers of relational tension with in-laws. It begins at “I do” as you leave your birth family and cleave to your spouse, but as holiday logistics are planned, children are raised, finances are handled, and parents require more care the intricacies are only compounded.


Christmas is that time of year when you place that special present under the Christmas tree, waiting patiently for your spouse to open it with all their excitement.

All your searching comes down to this one day for you to enjoy giving something special. This year how about doing something a little different. How about having some fun as you lead up to Christmas with your very own 12 Days of Christmas.

If you need that perfect gift for under the tree we have a number of Christmas gift idea guides for you below.

DS 092: What is the Best Way to Lovingly Explain What I Would Like My Wife to Wear When it Comes to Our Sexual Intimacy?

Discussing your sex life is not a one and done conversation. Healthy marriages talk about their sexual intimacy and all its many aspects on a regular basis.

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