In this episode we answer a number of questions from one of our listeners about ONE Extraordinary Marriage.


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We talk in depth about our financial issues, becoming debt free, as well as the miscarriage of our second child. Some of the questions we answer are:

Who we are?
Why we are doing this?
Where did ONE come from?
Why an Extraordinary Marriage?
What we do behind the microphones?

If we haven’t covered something, leave us a comment.  It might just show up in a future podcast.

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8 thoughts on “004: LISTENER FEEDBACK

  1. Listened to this one today and cried. I kept thinking about how grateful I am for the Savior and the Resurrection. How comforting to know that one day you will be with your baby again and can raise him in the next life. What a blessing the healing power of the Atonement is to help you through this trial.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jackie, what you said is exactly what got me through and continues to get me through. I know that one day I will have the very special moment of holding Andrew in heaven. I am so thankful for Abby and her ability to talk about her brother. Just today she explained to her friend's mommy that she has a 5 year old brother in heaven. I so believe that her childlike understanding of heaven has really served to heal much of my broken heart. She keeps him so real for all of us even though she never met him.


  3. This podcast really touched my heart because my hubby and I have three babies in heaven. We’ve been through a lot of difficult times as a couple, but those miscarriages were the hardest. The hardest part was, while we were reeling with grief, the people around us went on with life as usual. And, of course, the well-meaning, yet very hurtful things people would say.
    It was so very painful and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and yet it brought us so close together as a couple, and I’m very grateful for that. I think the sweetest thing was when we realized that God is always faithful, and that He truly understands our pain. He lost His Son, He knows what we’re going through, and He promises to love us and never leave us. Isn’t His comfort amazing?
    It still hurts. We think about our babies all the time. We love them and miss them every day. This Tuesday is one of their birthdays and there will definitely be tears shed. But the hope we have in Jesus is incredible and we know we’ll see them someday in Glory.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. Blessings.

  4. Jenni,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I know how hard it is when your life stops and the world around continues to move forward, the pain is so deep. I have often had the same thoughts about God watching his Son die and I know that he does know our pain. I’m so glad to hear that your marriage has become stronger through their lives.

    I will be praying for you this week, especially on Tuesday.


  5. Hello guys!
    I’m really jealous of what marriage your having now. I need to have your advise on my situation privately.
    Looking forward to share my experiences with you! Godbless!