(Change Is Possible, Are You Willing To Ask For What You Want And Wait For It To Happen?)

The Power of Prayer…change is possible, are you willing to ask for what you want and wait for it to happen?


In our microwave society we want what we want RIGHT NOW!

The reality is this… we can’t change our spouse or their actions no matter how much we want to do so.

The power of prayer gives us the opportunity to pray for our spouses, our relationships, our issues, and ourselves.

These opportunities to focus on various aspects of our relationships will eventually create change-although, to be honest, it might not always be what we wanted or how we wanted it.

However, we trust that God has a bigger plan for our lives.

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3 thoughts on “006: POWER OF PRAYER

  1. Dad,

    Thank you for the prayer, it really is one of my strongest memories. Whether you were dropping me off at elementary school or driving me to college, it was always the parting phrase. Even now as an adult I hear those words in my head whenever I think of you. Truly a legacy.