“Never leave your partner, especially in a fire.”


We are a little behind the times but better late than never.

This is an amazing movie that will dramatically impact you wherever you are in your marriage.

At so many points throughout the movie we found ourselves moved by how true to life this was, how much it mirrored struggles that we had faced in our own marriage.

When you married your partner did you enter into a contract or a covenant?

Have you made the decision to never leave your partner?

Fireproof Your Marriage

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8 thoughts on “012: FIREPROOF

  1. Also I wanted to say, I completely agree about the movie thing… I would far rather enjoy a movie at home in my PJs with a glass of wine, cuddled up with my husband as opposed to sitting in a stuffy theatre; no cuddling, no comfort, no PJs, no wine and yes no pause button. 😉

  2. What did you think of the Love Dare book Shannon? Alisa has already talked about getting it, but would appreciate your thoughts.

    My biggest factor for not going to the movies is the cost. I'm sorry, but paying that much for just the movie isn't something I like to do. Like you hanging out on the couch, cuddling in comfort, and every so often enjoying a drink is by far the way to go. The pause button is a plus as well.


  3. this movie is incredible!!! I wachted it with my husband because our counselor asked us too. And it was amazing. Unfortunately, I haven't get to the point with my husband where he can make sacrifises and get out of his cave, his comfort zone, for US. The counselor asked him like 5 months ago to do the exercise, he said yes, but never did anything.
    Now, this are even worse in our marriage, and I don't know what is going to happend. God knows that I didn't get married to get divorce, but I ask you guys for two things. First, to pray for us; and the second thing is for men, PLEASE, comunicate with your wives; be open with your spouse!!! marriage is not about ONE PERSON, but about US NOW!

    Thank you Alisa and Tony for being so open!
    Stay blessed everybody!


  4. Heidy,

    First and foremost know that you have our prayers, this is obviously a very difficult time for you and for your husband. I'm glad to hear that you have been working with a counselor as it sounds like you realize that at this point the two of you need help in moving forward together. So often couples know that there is a problem but don't know where to go or how to seek out help. Finding a coach or counselor who can take you from where you are to where you want to be can make all the difference!

    Secondly, your heartfelt plea for men to communicate with their spouses emphasizes just how important it is in a marriage for the two of you to be open with one another-in all facets of your marriage. Communication is a two way street and I know that there are many men out there who are desiring the same communication from the wives. Making the choice to communicate with your spouse is one of the deepest ways to show love to them.

    Keep working on your marriage and know that we are here praying and supporting you.


  5. thank you Alisa, you guys are amazing… I am enjoying each podcast to the fullest!! And I'm glad to tell you that my husband decided to try harder, and now we are working together to make the best of our marriage!!!
    thank you so much for your prayers, I love to pray for marriages, including yours!!! 🙂

    Stay blessed guys!!


  6. Heidy,

    Thank you for the prayers for not only our marriage but for others as well. It is a privilege to know a prayer warrior. So glad to hear that the two are working together to make the best of your marriage. With the two of you working together amazing things are in store.

    We love having you as a listener!