We crave physical touch both non-sexual and sexual.


Are you able to communicate your desires to your spouse? Are you open to what your spouse might suggest?

This week we challenge you to share your desires and make a commitment to deepen the intimacy in your marriage.

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One thought on “015: HOW DO YOU LIKE TO BE TOUCHED

  1. Glad you liked this weeks show Derek. Yes, the importance of knowing a light touch and foreplay are huge for our wives and we need to be aware of it. I know for myself I try to move our physical intimacy along to fast at times and I'll get some push back. We as men need to remember that the little touches we do each and every day are very important to our wives.

    So cool to hear that the two of you have engaged in some extra physical touch after work. I'm sure it meant a lot to your wife and allowed the two of you to have a deeper physical intimacy, which resurfaced later.

    Thanks again Derek for your comment.