Have you worn yourself down? Are there too many “things” demanding your attention?


In this weeks podcast we tackle the issue of fatigue in our marriage and how it has the ability to wreak havoc on our marriage and your relationships.

We don’t always get it right but we do keep trying.

Pursuing a Balanced Life
with Cliff Ravenscraft
Facebook and Your Marriage by Jason and Kelli Krafsky

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4 thoughts on “017: ARE YOU TOO TIRED TO TRY?

  1. Good episode. I saw on a blog yesterday, someone talking about how in our grandparents or earlier generations, people used to 'retire to the parlor' at night to wind down. Read, knit, play the piano, etc. It was an integral part of their lives. We've completely lost that as a culture. Kid's activities. Jobs. Extra jobs. Internet. Television. Personal activities. I want to go back to that. Imagine how much better our culture would be if we all just took a couple hours to unwind and spend time together every night!

  2. Taking back the evening to spend with your spouse is an excellent idea Ron. It will take effort to make sure that everything doesn't get in the way, but it is doable for sure. It's about prioritizing the schedule so that the evenings are about the two of you and not all the other stuff.

    When I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail 10 years ago it was amazing to live in sync with nature. I would wake up when the sun came up and I'd go to sleep when it went down. It was a simple life that Alisa and I have tried to continue on, but we stumble and fall every now and then.

    Prioritize and make it happen.


  3. Camping has become how we rejuvenate. Kids go to bed early and there is no distractions. No other jobs to do once tummies are full and dishes are cleaned up.
    As a mum of young kids I also feel the pressure to be a super mum. Doing everything. Making sure the kids have everything by taking them to all the after school activities and sports.
    Also I find myself doing a lot of things myself so they are done “right”.
    So what I take out of the podcast is just to switch off the gadgets and just “let it go”. Communicate more with my husband about what I need from him to help me out.

    Thanks guys