We are pleased to have had the chance to interview Jason & Kelli Krafsky authors of Facebook and Your Marriage.


Jason & Kelli have been married since 1994 and been on Facebook since 2008.

They have written a number of articles, including “How Facebook Can Improve Your Marriage Relationship“, “Is Facebook a Cyber-Threat to Your Marriage“, and “Our Top Dozen Do’s and Don’ts for Facebooking Couples“.

They also blog at www.marriagejunkies.com and live in the foothills of Washington’s Cascade Mountains with their four kids.

To get your copy of Facebook and Your Marriage please visit www.FacebookAndYourMarriage.com and place your order today.

How has Facebook impacted your life and your marriage?

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2 thoughts on “018: FACEBOOK AND YOUR MARRIAGE

  1. Some great points to ponder on. I have never thought to have the discussion with my husband to see if he had any exes as FB friend.
    I have found that we both spend too much time on Facebook (and other forms of technology) so we have introduced “unplugged Sundays” to our family. Means that we have to actually spend time together as a family.

    • Hey Rebecca,

      Facebook and many social media outlets can be a slippery slope if there are no guardrails in place. There have been times over the years when we will let each other know if an ex has asked to “Friend” us. This way we are up front and honest with one another.

      Love that you two have introduced “unplugged Sundays”. That is a perfect way to not let distractions come between the two of you.

      Love you guys,

      Tony & Alisa