Has your marriage fallen into a rut?


Do you want to break out of the routines both emotionally and sexually?

Join us for the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge.

Today we talk about the details and how this can be transformational for your marriage.  This is a chance to be part of community actively working to improve their marriage.  Join us!

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2 thoughts on “020: SHAKING THINGS UP

  1. Tony and Alisa,

    As usual this was a very good podcast. I appreciated the helpful hints you gave to encourage those of us that are interested, but not quite sure how to approach our spouse. I found an opportunity to talk to my husband about it yesterday. I explained one extraordinary marriage and your goal for marriages and offered the website so he can check it himself. He said it was something to think about. We are currently intimate once every one-2 weeks, but it is awkward and very routine. Our marriage has suffered a lot of offenses that Alisa is aware of and I am hoping this will be a good way to increase communication and intimacy and prayerfully move our marriage into a better place. Without counseling (that he is not wanting)I am being intentional daily to use as many tools as possible to do my part in our marriage. Everytime I listen I am encouraged. I am praying for every couple that is commited to or thinking about participating in the 7 days of sex. I think it has the potential to blow the devil away.

    thank you so much,

  2. Kim,

    I'm glad to hear that you were able to get to the point where you could
    share the website and allow your husband the opportunity to check it out.
    That sounds like real progress. By being intentional in your marriage you
    are creating change, even if it's only in your own mindset toward your

    Thank you for praying for all of those considering this challenge. The last
    line of your email is a powerful one.