Do you feel like things aren’t fair in your marriage?


Are you busier keeping track of who did what than how you are serving your spouse?

Listen as we respond to a twitter question about whether marriage is fair or can be fair.

We talk through our own thoughts and come to some unexpected insights into marriage and fairness.

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2 thoughts on “021: ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND MARRIAGE

  1. So Im just listening to this podcast and I get that this was a long time ago, but wow! 🙂 Tony, that was pretty harsh to say that you were only going to get her a cupcake on her bday because it fell on fathers day and thats YOUR day. Obviously, Im a woman, but I agree with Alisa that her bday is her bday. Its not her fault that fathers day lands on her bday. Why wouldn’t you offer to celebrate your fathers day on another day and let her have her bday. Im just shocked that you wouldn’t let her have that day.
    On another hand, I appreciate your conversations. I have started listening to your podcasts and I truly appreciate them. I am encouraged on a daily basis by listening to you guys. Thank you.

    • Hey Meghan,

      This is a long time ago…

      We’ll have to go back and listen to this one for sure. What you’ll hear as you go through the years as that we have grown.

      Hopefully, for you like many other couples it has given them the sense that individually they change and together they grow.

      Listen to some of the newer episodes as well as you will hear how far we have come.

      Great to have you joining us and being part of the ONE Family.