It’s time to get away with your spouse and reconnect.


Getting away gives you the opportunity to have those deep conversations, to sleep late and explore new places with your one and only.

Getting away allows you to refocus your priorities and make your spouse #1.

Where will you be going next?

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3 thoughts on “025: GETTING AWAY

  1. Jackie here, of Lincoln and Jackie in Texas.

    Wow. Did I really write that a week ago? I cried listening to the podcast. What a change.

    It took me two weeks after I heard about the challenge before I could commit, and even then I only really did it because I told my husband it could be his fathers day present.

    So glad I could summon up the faith, and the Lord could make up the difference. Thank you for helping me! You have blessed my life SO MUCH!

    And, in case you were wondering, here is that sweet baby red-head:

  2. Your welcome Jakie and Lincoln. All we can say is WOW!!!

    The transformation you had during the challenge was amazing. To witness it was a highlight and a blessing.

    Share your story. Please!!! It is one that can open the door for many other couples to have an amazing marriage filled with passion, romance, and intimacy. Keep in touch with us as you and Lincoln have become apart of our family.