How do you make intimacy a priority when schedules are all over the place?


With kids out of school, vacations, late nights and other unpredictability what are you doing to make your spouse #1?

How are you being creative this summer?

We are finding ways to connect…text messages, voicemails, love notes.

It’s all about creating an intimacy lifestyle that works in your marriage.

Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

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2 thoughts on “026: IT’S SUMMERTIME

  1. I think that we'll be getting a copy of your book. Hopefully you'll be able to deliver to Australia. We are starting a new group for young married couples, and from what I've heard, this could be a great resource.

  2. We will get the books to you Mary for sure. We had great success with Stripped Down in our first small group this past spring. Sharing it with young marrieds would be fantastic and beneficial. We are going to do a small group this fall with young marrieds as well. They books should be here in a couple of days.