Do you put a period or a comma after “I’m sorry”?


If you are putting a comma, then think about this.

When you qualify your apology you minimize the apology and put the blame for your actions/reactions on the other person.

What impact does this have on your marriage or your other relationships? It tears them down instead of building them up.

Take responsibility for and take control of yourself. Make the changes now!

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2 thoughts on “029: BUT NOTHING

  1. “I'm sorry…” – probably the most spoken phrase from me to Barbara next to “I love you”. Good thoughts on apologies. The best apologies are those where we acknowledge what we did and how it made the other person feel without them having to tell us, and as you said, without qualifying it. Goes much further in resolving the conflict and restoring the relationship than a hollow “I'm sorry” or an “I'm sorry and here's my excuse.”

    Thanks for being real about your own struggles and discussing an important aspect of any relationship, marriage or otherwise!

  2. Your welcome Ron. This was a tough one because of where we have been the last couple of weeks. It was also a great podcast because it allowed us to air some issues and to think about how we act toward one another. After finishing up we decided we need to talk more so yesterday we took an hour in the morning to just air it out. It was great and necessary.