Are you able to share your sexual passions and desires to your spouse?


What’s keeping you from having meaningful conversation about this area of your life?

There are so many distractions pulling us in so many directions that we forget that God has given us this beautiful thing called SEX.

It’s time to sit down and have an honest discussion with your spouse-be open to your spouses desires keeping in mind that anything suggested or tried needs to be comfortable to both partners.

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Finishing Strong: Going the Distance for Your Family by Steve Farrar

Scripture Versus:
Genesis 2:25
1 Corinthians 7:3-5

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2 thoughts on “030: SEX IN THE BEDROOM

  1. “keeping in mind that anything suggested or tried needs to be comfortable to both partners.”

    Nothing suggested is ever comfortable, because ANYTHING new isn't comfortable. If you find out that you married someone without imagination, desire or passion, what then?

    Analogy: I'm a pilot. My wife isn't “afraid” of flying but would NEVER allow anything even remotely resembling an aerial maneuver. Not even a simple one. She isn't comfortable with it. So we are stuck with straight and level forever. I've talked to her about my desires. loops, spins whatever. She has no desires beyond straight and level and rarely even that. How about straight and level in the living room? No. How about straight and level in the kitchen. No.

    One gives up trying to make desires known. What's the point?

  2. Alisa here…not knowing all of the details of your marriage I can tell you that it sounds as if a couple of things might be happening here. I have done these very same things in the past.

    It sounds as if your wife is unhappy with her situation and may be using sex to control the marriage because that is all she has control over. Maybe there are other issues that she's not comfortable discussing and so no change allows her to keep everything suppressed.

    Perhaps the two of you can find a marriage therapist or sexual therapist that can guide you through this. It doesn't sound like this is something the two of you can solve without help or outside counsel.

    You ask what's the point about still making your desires known when you know that they won't be met…the answer to that is a hard one but I would say that it's important to make your desires known so that your wife knows that you are still engaged in the marriage whether or not she chooses to be. Maybe you don't talk about it everyday but she still needs to hear that you desire her.