Challenge yourself this week to show your spouse just how much they matter by getting them on your calendar.


Week 3 –  Stripped Down 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage Small Group Podcast

Whether it’s taking a hike together, reading a devotional, or making love schedule the time together so that it doesn’t get overlooked with life’s other commitments.

While your at it, make the time even more memorable by taking the lead.

Give your spouse a break from having to make all of the decisions and just plan the night. You will both appreciate it.

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7 thoughts on “035: PENCIL ME IN

  1. I’m only halfway through the podcast, but i had a funny story about scheduling it.
    I was at a meeting, adn we were trying to schedule another date to have the next meeting, and there was one date available, but we couldn’t use it because another group had booked that night to do sessions on Christian Sexuality that they wanted us to attend. It hadn’t been publicised yet, but it sounded interesting, so i wanted to put it in my calendar and i said “What should i write it in as so i know what it means when i look at it?” and another girl said “Just write in sex”. I said “i can’t write in sex because then i’ll get it confused with the actual sex appointments i have with my husband and I’ll stay home and have sex”.
    This girl, who is single, was like “OMG, you put sex in your calendar! That sounds horrific, i’m not ever going to get married if that’s what its like”. But i love scheduled sex! I love opening my calendar for the day to see what meetings i have and discovering that i get to stay home with my husband is awesome. YAY! and its something to look forward to all day. Its a shame that it gets such a bad rep.

  2. Tony – I’m not sure why that would be happening. Maybe try in another browser. I’ve tested it out on Google Chrome and both the streaming and the link works. Another option is to save the podcast to your computer and then play it from your computers media player. Something else you can do is go into iTunes and play it directly from there.

    Hope this helps and you get to listen to it.

  3. Awesome story Mary! I will have to say you are one of the few couples that I now know of who does this. Good for you guys. You are right on that doing this gets a bad rap when it really shouldn’t. If sex is important to our marriage why wouldn’t we put it on our calendar.

    Glad you are shinning the light on others as well on this.