It’s time to take some action this week, starting with your bedroom.


Week 5 –  Stripped Down 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage Small Group Podcast

Your bedroom needs to be a sanctuary, a place where the two of you can get away from it all.

Clean out the clutter, the electronics and make it a special place for the two of you.

Some areas you can concentrate on is your bedding, candles, paint and whatever speaks to the two of you!

Romance, we talk about it, we hear about it, & we try it.

This week start to think of one or two ways that you can create a little romance in your marriage.  What can you do to say “I love you” or I’m thinking of you”.

We want you feedback this week! Tell us what you do or what you plan on doing to make changes to your bedroom and add a little romance to your marriage.

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4 thoughts on “038: IS YOUR BEDROOM A SANCTUARY?

  1. i’m finding it impossible to turn our bedroom into a sanctuary. every weekend i say i’m going to get it sorted out, but i either never finish it, or we mess it up just as quickly. I need more room to store our clothes. I think our house needs an extra room actually.

    • Set a goal Mary. What is it you want to do with your bedroom? Paint, add photos, de-clutter. Whatever it is have an end goal and date in mind and work toward it.

      As for the clothes, I know where you are coming from. Alisa loves her thrift stores and there are times when there are more clothes than closet space. We make it a point to go through our closet every 3-4 months and donate items we are no longer using. This serves two purposes,

      1. Our closet isn’t bulging from the seems
      2. We are helping those in need in our local community.

      I know you and you are an amazing women. Get together with your husband and make that room a love shack.

      • Last night i said “We need to make our bedroom a sanctuary” and Michael said “is that so when we are having a fight I can run in here and claim sanctuary and you can’t fight with me anymore?” I think we’ve been reading too many books set in the middle ages where people avoid arrest by doing this. Then we came up with this idea to install a church bell! It was a good laugh!

        • That’s fantastic! You two are doing wonderful for your first year of marriage. Keep the conversations going, don’t be hard on yourselves, and enjoy it. The last one is key. It took Alisa and I some time to figure it out, but the more we have fun with each other the more we fall in love with each other. You two are a blessing to those around you. Keep it up!