So often in our marriages we fail to take responsibility for our actions.


Have you ever not apologized?  Just swept the issue “under the rug”?

Waited for everything to blow over? STOP IT!

It’s does not matter if you get the words right, what matters is that you say them.

Start taking responsibility for your actions and words.

In every relationship it takes two and you do have responsibility for your situations. Make a difference this week and own your part!

What is it that you need to take responsibility for this week?

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3 thoughts on “045: CAN YOU FACE THE MUSIC?

  1. When I first saw no t title, I smiled. And to be fair, let me say I don’t have any kids. Bugt my girlfriend who I have been with for 9 years and I’ve seen tfhe importance and on the surface anyone might say sure if you have kids they’re most important. But by putting your marriage first, you are puttin g them first too. They are growing up in a loving and respectful environment and they will take that with them and hopefully, they will treat their spouses the same way. because that’s what they grew up learning.
    As far as the newbies are concerned, I think go on the site and take a lookat the titles an d sewe what one looks interesting. Like how do you want to be touched. of course the first one, 60 days. I also enjoyed how thye romance started. My opinion; listen to the first one, pick about two more then just keep current. You guys are really awsome and you know what? I love YOU guys!

    • Thanks Marty for your support on the Screw the Kids title. Yes, our intention for that whole episode was that by putting your marriage first that the kids would then grow in an environment where they would know that love and respect are vital.

      I think you have a great plan of attack when it comes to our podcasts. Start with 001, jump to where we are now, and then fill in when you have time. Personally, when I jump onto a podcast I just listen to the current one first and then go back and pick which other ones might be of interest. We’re blessed with how many of you out there love what we say and want to listen to them all. Truly humbled by this.

      Thanks for sharing and happy to have you apart of the ONE Community.