Over the years we have attended large churches and very small churches and it’s never been an easy decision to change churches.


Sometimes, though, it’s been necessary for the welfare of our marriage.

Listen in as we talk about the ups and downs of changing churches, how church attendance (or lack thereof) impacted our marriage relationship.

And how now, we find ourselves on the same page and growing spiritually.

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What is your experience with changing churches?

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4 thoughts on “056: THE STRAIN OF CHANGE

  1. This one hit home for us, we recently quit going to our church of 10 years. It was a difficult decision that neither of us took lightly. It finally became clear to us both that God was telling us its time to bail and we left in complete unity and have no regrets. This process happened over the period of a couple years.

    • Steve, thank you for sharing your story with us and the ONE community. It’s never easy to make a change like this and the fact that you were able to be in complete unity and have no regrets speaks volumes to the communication that had to happen before the change could occur.


  2. Great discussion. Having just gone through this, we could identify with a number of things in this. Change really can be difficult on a marriage. It’s sometimes hard to appreciate that until well after you’ve gone through the changes and you look back and think “well no wonder things felt so crazy then…they were!”

  3. Great blog! I was searching for dating and relationship blogs and found your site through another blog.I enjoyed their humor and insight. I’m glad searching led me your way. Thanks for the post! I’ll be sure to follow.