Emotional distance can seem impossible to overcome, we’ve stopped talking or if we are talking it just about the surface stuff.


It just seems easier to avoid the conversations than to face the challenges that come with him.

It’s time to mend those broken hearts, to have the courage to talk about those things that you’ve been avoiding.

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2 thoughts on “060: BROKEN HEARTS

  1. Enjoyed this episode. When Alisa talked about the fact that regaining emotional intimacy simply takes time and there is no magic switch, she hit the nail on the head. I empathize with the couple adjusting to a new baby, as we’ve certainly had our own ups and downs over the past 8 months after adopting our 2nd baby. Even without recovering from a pregnancy, another baby certainly rocked the boat of our marriage and family and we’re still adjusting to the new normal. I have no words of wisdom for the couple beyond what you guys talked about in this episode. Sometimes it just takes time to talk through things and adjust, but with time and effort and prayer and even outside help, I’m always a believer that things eventually get better if both people’s hearts are in it.

    Good points about getting help too. It’s fun to hear you guys talk through your week and it’s always valuable when you tie it into the bigger picture like that. Good job. Have a great week!