It had been a rough day. Tony lost his temper, grabbed Alex’s arm and scared Abby.


And on top of that we got into it ourselves. What do you when it seems like the world is crashing down around you?

We made the decision to have a “conference” with our kids and talk through this with them and then with each other.

It stinks when things feel out of control but you have a choice as to how you will resolve the situation.

What do you do, work through it or push it under the rug?

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4 thoughts on “084: AT WIT’S END

  1. Thank you guys for sharing and being transparent, as usual. I could empathize on so many levels. The outbursts, the working at home, the QBQ, trying to be consistent with the kids, kids banging on the door during quiet time, striving for first time obedience, etc. It all rings so true on this end. In a warped way, it is encouraging to know others have these same things create a perfect storm at times. Thanks guys!

  2. I have to share, i have been wear Tony was in this Podcast a lot with my kids. I have a quick temper and I have scared both of my kids with my overreactions. It is not a comfortable place. I have to ask for forgiveness and I have asked that they be patient with me because I am not perfect. What i heard here is that while the kids (God love them) are so able and willing to forgive us, it takes a LOT longer for us to forgive ourselves.
    Thanks so much for sharing I love to hear that I am not the only one that does these things and feel this way!

    • Over the years I have had times when my anger has hurt my kids, Alisa, and me. Not more than a week ago I blew up on our oldest. It cause lots of pain and hurt on both of our parts. A couple of hours afterwards I took time to talk about what had happened and what we could do in the future. As my son gets older it becomes easier as he will add his ideas of what we can do better next time.

      I’m not perfect and know that it is during these times that the devil is trying to get a foot in to break up the bond we have. It is also his way of pitting Alisa and I against each other.

      One passage I love to read is Ephesians 6:10-18. The Armor of God needs to be upon us daily so that we can go forth and be in Him.