In this episode we tackle another one of those taboo topics…plastic surgery.


Two years ago Alisa had breast augmentation.

So why share now?

Because once again being transparent about this topic has given women the courage to talk about their own desires, to bring this out into the open.

It was a long road from thinking about surgery to actually going through with it and the road definitely had a lot of curves in it.

Part of what holds us back from sharing is our fear of being judged, once you’ve reconciled your decisions, you can live knowing that judgement is about the other person.

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6 thoughts on “095: ARE THOSE REAL?

  1. Hahahaha “…and the road definitely had lots of curves in it.” You guys are so funny. If it weren’t for the scar tissue that developed after my mom’s breast cancer & reconstructions, I’d be all over some augmentation. I have fear of rocks on my chest in place of what is currently fairly perfect. So I totally hear what you’re saying about dealing with all the horror stories. Thankfully I married a “butt guy” instead of a boob guy! LOL

  2. Gina, thank you for the comment. The horror stories definitely played a factor in the decision making. But if what you have is perfect than don’t change a thing. Here’s to “butt guys”!!

  3. Who really cares? It’s a personal decision…no judgement here! I, for one, will never go under the knife just because medicine, cosmetic or not, is theoretical…

    …boob jobs, butt lifts, a new nose, dyed hair, colored contacts…what’s the difference?

    • Lots of folks care. It’s great you have no judgement and that is what we hope from most of our listeners. The thing is that there are many who do judge and we hoped through this show that folks could realize that there is little difference between dyed hair to having breast augmentation.

      Again great to hear there is no judgement on your part.


  4. I have written about my BA on my website as well. Your process sounds so familiar, as I was also very flat, spent years thinking about it, had a husband who didn’t care and if anything worried about my going through unnecessary surgery, and prayed a lot about my reasons for doing it. I didn’t want to pursue augmentation merely for vanity, but I have no regrets. I didn’t go huge either, yet I feel more confident about my body and fit into clothes SO much easier. What a pleasure to walk into a fitting room with 20 outfits and have something that actually fits! My hubby never asked me to have plastic surgery (I had to convince him), but he enjoys the extra and, in particular, loves the confidence I gained–particularly in the bedroom.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and your hearts!

  5. We definitely have similar journeys. Like you I spent a long time deciding if this was the right thing for me. I wanted to make sure that I could explain to my daughter, one day, why I chose to do this and why I did it when I did. I am so thankful that Tony never pressured me but like your husband is definitely enjoying the benefits. Thank you for sharing your story with us.