Christmas is right around the corner and this is a challenging time for couples in terms or finances.

Last year, Alisa overspent shopping for everyone in the family.

We are changing things up this year.

In this episode we discuss working on your financial intimacy before you spend your money on gifts.  Give yourself the greatest gift this Christmas season, the gift of peace.

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  1. This year we’re spending a lot of money to fly 3,000 miles to see my husband’s family right after Christmas, so we’ve had to be crafty. Literally. I bought felt ornament craft kits to make eighteen adorable winter-themed felt ornaments to gift to all of our family. I did it as a money-saving endeavor, but I didn’t realize how many hours it would take with a needle in my hand to stitch these detailed ornaments together! After all the care I’ve put into them, I definitely don’t feel like I’m being cheap at all. I’ve tried to put as much love and caring into each one as possible, thinking about each recipient as I make their ornament. Now every time I see a Christmas shopping commercial, I think about how much more satisfying it is to have made each gift with my own two hands and to not have to stress out each time the credit card is swiped.

    • Amber, we love what you are doing and shared your idea in this week’s podcast! It’s true that those gifts that we pour our love into really do mean so much to the recipients. I know this first hand because each year the kids’ grandparents look forward to their scrapbook of our year. I could forget any other present but that one! Safe travels at Christmas.

  2. I thought this was great. I saw an Advent clip the other day that said “Less presents, More presence”.
    I often think about how I want Christmas to be for my potential children. Christmas is celebrated very differently between my family and my husband’s family. I love the idea of only having 3 gifts, but i worry that it would be overdone by other family members, and i can just imagine the uproar if I tried to limit them. oh well, no sign of children yet, so i have some time to ponder it all.

    • Mary, I love that “Less presents, More Presence.” It’s great that you are thinking about what you might like Christmas to be like for your potential children. It’s one of those things that we hadn’t talked about until Alex’s first couple of Christmases when we were overwhelmed by all that he received. It was very telling to watch him walk out of the room with a couple of cars when he had had enough, and there was still so much under the tree. It’s amazing how they really just want simple things that will challenge their imaginations.

  3. I really enjoyed the podcast this week – listened to it as I took a walk Saturday morning. Thanks for sharing your ideas. (My family is all on board for the Wii bowling tournament. We’re going to try it at Christmas!!) My husband and I have decided to take your “experiences” comments to heart. You said you like to give gifts that are experiences, rather than things. As I get older, I find what I want most is time with my husband and not necessarily things from him. So, we decided our gifts to each other this year are going to be descriptions of A Day to spend together at some point in the next couple months. What I mean is I will give my husband a sheet of paper on which I’ve written down plans for a totally fun day for the two of us. It might start with breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, followed by a hike at a local park, then a matinee at the movie theater, etc., etc. And he will do the same for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has planned for us. 🙂

    I also wanted to mention that giving to others at Christmas is an AWESOME way to celebrate the holiday and to grow as a family. Talking together about and deciding together on a charity to give to during the holiday season is a great way to celebrate the season and to focus on what’s really important. We don’t have children yet, but I hope that when we do we’ll include them on the discussion of the importance of giving to others. It truly is a blessed thing to give to others and to bless them during this special time of year. I think that’s a great tradition for young families to start and keep throughout the years.

    Thank you!

  4. AC, we can’t wait to hear about your Wii bowling tournament. Tony definitely wants to see your brackets. We shared on this week’s podcast your gift of “A Day” and I hope that you will share with us what you receive.

    Merry Christmas!