You know you need to date your spouse. You know you need to have quality time with each other (kid free, electronics free and care free).

And yet it can be hard for the two of you to get out on a date night.

For many years our dates and this was before kids, we went out almost every Friday night. Sometimes with friends other times by ourselves.

It was fairly easy to get out of the house because we only had to think about us.

After our first child arrived we got out not as much. We found times hear and there, but it wasn’t the same.

Once the second one came, forget about it!

We went long stretches without dating each other.

Every excuse we could make we did. We’re sure it was because we didn’t know what to do or more importantly the impact it could have on us and our marriage.

So instead of doing nothing we dove in with both feet and started to date each other again. We started from the beginning when one of would say, “Will you go out with me” to scheduling the day we would go out and the time.

Since those first dates after kids we have learned that the time together has benefited us and our marriage.

Make the time to date your spouse as the benefits are so worth the time and money.

Below are 10 reasons that we have learned along the way when you date your spouse.

10 Reasons to Date Your Spouse

1. Your relationship is a priority

Yep, it sure is! You are letting each other know that it is as well as your kids and everyone around you. Your marriage matters.

2. Builds a strong marital bond

This time together is about you two. Put aside the electronics and dive into your marriage by asking and answering questions to connect at a deeper level.

3. Get to dress up & wear make-up

Snazzy it up a little when you go out. It’s amazing what can happen when you get dressed up for your spouse. Make sure you put on your sexy underwear to share afterwards.

4. Gives you time to talk & laugh

Keep her laughing as you share funny stories of long ago. Those moments when you first met or the silly things you’ve done aver the years. Enjoy each others company.

5. Someone else cooks dinner

It’s always nice to sit back and not have to think about if you have the ingredients to make a meal.

6. Someone else cleans up dinner

Even better as nobody has to spend time cleaning up the dinner plates. Make sure you tell the babysitter and kids to clean up their plates at home. Nothing more frustrating than having to clean up after coming home from a great time out.

7. You feel really important

You and your marriage are really important! When you date your spouse you two are saying this to each other. Kudos to you.

8. Cheaper than counseling

And you get to have a great meal together. Make sure to put down your phones so you can without a distraction between the two of you. Make sure to come up with a plan about what you are doing with your phones before you head out.

9. Investment for the future

Each time you go out on a date you are making deposits into your marriage banking account. These times together are moments that you need to make through this marriage journey.

10. Could lead to a fun bedtime (which could lead to many more date nights…just saying)

Best of all there is the after party fun. Romance each other though out the date to enjoy more fun once you a snuggled up in bed.

You really need to prioritize quality time together on the regular to avoid falling into a rut, breaking down in your communication, or letting your intimacy suffer.

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