It’s never too early to think about a fun Valentine’s Day. It is a day to celebrate life, love, and the romantic relationship you value with the love of your life. Unfortunately, the commercial pressures of showing our love with candy, chocolate, and flowers can place a strain on the most casual pairing.VALENTINE'S DAY

How can you show love and appreciation to your loved ones without falling victim to the classic cliché gifts?

The following gifts will not only put a smile on the face of your spouse, but you’ll also be touted as truly unique and thoughtful. Look at how creativity can enhance your Valentine’s Day and get excited as you anticipate the look of joy and surprise on your spouse’s face when they open their special gift.

1. For Him: Bacon Rose Bouquet

Does your hubby love bacon? What better way to show your love and appreciation than by fashioning a bacon rose bouquet! A few minutes in the kitchen and some decorative butcher paper for wrapping, and you have a sensational Valentine’s Day gift that is a treat for all the senses.

2. For Her: A Date Box Subscription

There is a subscription box for almost anything these days—-jewelry, clothing, makeup, pet supplies, and more. It’s about time they came up with a subscription box for date night. This is a gift the two of you can enjoy together all year round.

For a small monthly fee, you and your spouse can cook, play a new game, watch a movie, or even sample wine together as you work your way through new experiences. Let the dates begin!

3. For Him: Guitar Lessons

Was your guy an aspiring band member back in the day? Did he have aspirations of big hair, big sound, and traveling with roadies? The guitar may collect dust somewhere in the garage, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Grab a book, pick out videos, purchase an online course to walk him through the steps to playing. The sky’s the limit regarding how far he can take his talent.

4. For Her: New Workout Wear

Now don’t panic, folks—if your wife has been talking about getting back into working out or needing new workout clothes, you have a free pass for picking some out without the risk of offending her. Not sure what she would choose? Give a gift card and make it a date for the two of you to go shopping together. The family that sweats together stays together!

5. For Him: A Craft Beer Brewing Kit

Kick the beer drinking experience up a notch for your man and give him a craft beer making kit. If he has even one scientific bone in his body, he’ll appreciate the process that goes behind brewing and crafting the perfect frosty glass, regardless of how it turns out. Who knows? It could open the door for a very profitable side business as well.

6. For Her: Decadent Chocolate Cake

Whether you go it on your own or you order from the best bakery in town, there is just something tasty and sexy about a decadent chocolate cake. Make it stand out with some fresh floral toppers, her favorite crushed candy, or an ooey, gooey ganache to round out the perfect dessert experience.

7. For Him: Annual National Park Access Pass

Are you a camping couple? Do you love exploring the outdoors? What better way to get out and enjoy all the beauty nature offers than with an all-access national park pass. This pass allows you to visit any national park in the United States, giving you the perfect excuse to explore all our national parks offer. Pack your hiking gear!

8. For Her: Deluxe Beauty and Skincare Set

Every gal wants to look and feel beautiful, and to present her best face to the world. With a deluxe skincare or beauty set, she has all the tools she needs to do just that. Guys, pay attention to what is currently sitting in the medicine cabinet, and listen to what she’s been saying about hair, skin, and makeup. You’ll find clues as to what she may be looking for, or if she is happy with current products. Either way, you’ll have the information you need to make the perfect purchase.

9. For Him: New Tools

It may seem a bit cliché, but many guys get ridiculously excited at the prospect of using new tools. Whether you replace a screwdriver set that is past its prime, or you purchase the latest greatest gadget he has been raving about, watch his eyes light up when he opens his new toy… and then prepare to see him disappear for a while.

10. For Her: A Massage

Ladies, you don’t spend nearly enough time pampering yourselves; it’s time to take back some of the time you spend taking care of others. Guys pony up and purchase a massage package or gift certificate to her favorite spa. Want to spice things up a bit? Book a couple’s massage and watch the fireworks fly afterward!

These winning gifts will refresh your gift-giving and make this Valentine’s Day your best yet. The hardest part will be to select from this stellar list! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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