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    Connect Like You Did When You First Met eBook

    Real Questions That Get To The Heart Of The Matter |
    Imagine learning something new about your spouse. Imagine connecting on a deeper level than ever before. Impossible, you might think… but we assure you it isn’t. With the right questions, you can deepen your connection and intimacy in just a few minutes.

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    4 Quick Tips to Improved Communication Checklist

    Use this guide when asking and answering questions with your spouse. It’s quick and simple so that you can both stay on track and have the deep conversations that you desire.

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    Audio #1 – The Choices You Make Every Day

    When you participate in activities that are going to have an negative impact on you, your spouse and your marriage these are not good choices. They don’t foster trust, nor do these choices bring the two of you together. In fact it’s just the opposite.
    Knowing what to do so you don’t make these choices is half the battle. It’s the actions you take daily that allow for growth in you and your marriage.

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    Audio #2 – I’m Sorry

    It is very easy after a confrontation with your spouse to say something like “Are we good?” and expect the issue to be resolved. In other situations you may not say anything and just go about your business with this unfinished issue hanging around you and your spouse.
    Learn why saying, “I’m Sorry”, is necessary afterward a confrontation.

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    Audio #3 – Want To or Need To

    Words are interesting and the subtle differences in meaning can often go unnoticed. Except that these words can be played over and over in your head.
    The words that you choose to use when you have to do something have meaning. These words carry weight not just to you but also for your spouse.

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    Audio #4 – To Text or Not To Text

    You live in a world ruled by your phone, you feel lost when you don’t have it. You send text messages when you don’t want to bother someone and yet you are a slave to those text alerts.
    Unfortunately, some of you are using your cell phone, specifically texting as a way to have the tough conversations in your marriage.

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