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To Uncover Any Issues In Your Marriage...You Have To Ask The Right Questions!

Here's the bottom line:

Asking the right questions at the right time can mean the difference between a happy marriage, and a miserable one.

It's obvious isn't it?

No matter what you've read or have seen on TV or in movies, humans are not psychic.

As much as you think you know your spouse, you can't know what they think in regards to specific subjects and issues... until you discuss them!

Let's go back to the early days of your relationship...

Remember how you and your partner were when you were first dating?

Remember all the questions about...

  • Likes/Dislikes?
  • Favorite foods?
  • Favorite books?
  • Favorite movies?
  • Favorite bands?

Isn't that how you got to know each other? How you both connected?

Remember all those long, uninhibited conversations you used to have back then?

Well... what happened?

For a variety of reasons, somewhere down the line, couples just stop asking each other questions!

Or even worse, they think that they shouldn't go there, in regards to certain hot topics or touchy subjects.

Time to make a drastic change.

Too often, couples beat around the bush when it comes to the touchy topics. While this may buy some temporary or apparent peace, it doesn't solve anything.

In fact, avoiding the touchy topics will only exacerbate problems over time. Count on it!

Working with literally thousands of couples over the years as marriage coaches, one point almost always resonates:

If you know what the real problems are,
You can start finding ways to fix them!

And the only way to really do that?

By asking the right questions, then getting clear, unfiltered and honest answers.

This is why we say that the best way to go into any discussion between spouses, is to simply ask clear, relevant and probing questions! Especially when that discussion is in regards to the state of the marriage!

Here's a fact: married people tend
to be afraid to offend or make waves...

They play it safe.

When something arises that tends to irk one of the spouses, it tends to get swept under the proverbial rug.

Couples think that the definition of a good, healthy marriage is when there are no arguments, differences of opinion, or confrontations.


Understand one thing: You and your spouse are not going to see eye-to-eye and agree on every single issue. It is not going to happen, so let go of that illusion right now.

On the same token, there shouldn't be all-out fights with your spouse over silly, trivial disagreements or clashes, either.

There is a happy median between these two relative extremes:

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions...
  • Don't be afraid of the answers...
  • Discuss the answers peacefully and positively...
  • Compromise and negotiate to find solutions!

Tony in Yellow & Alisa in White No Background

Long before we became marriage coaches, we too were a couple struggling to stay together.

We too had to learn the importance of asking questions and maintaining a healthy dialogue.

It can make all the difference!

Ask the right questions, get the answers and then talk it out. Simple right?

But what if you can't think of all those hardball, relevant questions off the top of your head?

What if you know what you want to ask, but are not really sure how to ask it?

What if you're embarrassed about a particular topic, such as sexual issues?

What if you find yourself shying away from critical but touchy subjects such as finances?

What if you are afraid to ask questions that will push hot buttons?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a complete, categorized directory of the relevant questions that will start off the conversation?

Well, now there is!


Connect Like You Did When You First Met:
101 Proven Questions for Couples

We compiled the most relevant and critical questions most of our couple clients have had to deal with. Then, we categorized them by topic and gave them a natural, orderly sequential flow.

The result? An easy to use, handy reference tool. That will dramatically change the course and tone of those most critical discussions you need to have with your spouse... forever.

  • Learn more about each other!
  • Open up when discussing even the most sensitive areas of your marriage!
  • Open the door to improving communication
  • Have all the questions you need handy, no planning or thinking ahead necessary
  • Start communicating effectively, while getting the important questions answered!
  • And much, much more...

Covers all the major topics and touchy subjects...

You know what they say...

“The only stupid questions, are the ones you don't ask!”

Too many couples find themselves stifled and frustrated by avoiding touchy topics and asking hard questions. Simply because there is a lack of common understanding in their marriages. Doing this often leads to bigger problems down the road, that all-too-often end with the dreaded D-word!

Don't let that happen to your marriage!

Take it from us. Major problems can be avoided by just asking the right questions and getting the honest answers.

Cover all the main subjects and issues, including:

  • The general state of your marriage...
  • Sex, fantasies, intimacy and everything else...
  • Financial issues, retirement planning, savings, jobs and other fiscal hot-topics...
  • Spiritual and/or religious matters...
  • Socializing, entertaining, friends and extended family matters...
  • Dreams, aspirations and other desires...
  • Rapid Fire questions section - just ask them at random and see what happens...


  • BONUS #1: 50 additional questions covering specific issues and topics...
  • BONUS #2: We will include a handy 4-tip checklist to keep discussions civil and on track!
  • BONUS #3: We will include four bonus related podcast episodes from our #1 rated Podcast show (2 hours of content)!

Let's get you and your spouse on the path to better
understanding, dialogue and communication!

This book will become a handy reference and standby tool. Any time you and your partner need to discuss those pertinent issues affecting your marriage.

Now that Tony and Alisa have given us a crazy quick way to connect and get right to a fun and deep, meaningful conversation with 101 Proven Questions for Couples, it has been awesome to be productive with our alone time.

- Linda J., Washington, DC

101 Proven Questions are perfect, they make each person think and not give just a generic answer. My wife and I are still on the first question after 2 days because we don't want to rush our response.

- Tom B.., California

Open the door to better dialogue and problem-solving!

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101 Questions for Couples

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These questions are great! Each one has helped my husband and I have a deeper connection because it is a very manageable way to something that can feel overwhelming at times.

- Sarah H., Ohio

It is amazing how one simple question can lead to a 20-minute conversation. For us 101 Proven Questions for Couples has allowed us to actually talk about things that make a difference in our marriage.

- Jeff W., Oklahoma

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Love You Guys!

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

PS. This product is the result of tons of research, experience and field-testing. It has been tested and proven by countless clients. Remember, you're protected by an iron-clad guarantee.

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