Do you long to spend time with your spouse on a date night?


Many of you have shared with us that the one thing you want to do this year is to have date nights.

This week Tony & Alisa share 3 ways you can make sure that date nights or date days happen in your marriage while having a lot of fun.

300 Creative Dates

Josh Turner – Would You Go With Me (Intro music)

Stripped Down Audio Book

Remember back to your wedding day. We’re not talking about just the ceremony and reception. We want you to remember how you felt. Your marriage was going to last forever. You were sure of that. And then…reality set in. You think you can deal with it, and maybe you can – for a while. You still love your spouse, but it’s just not the same. Is it just a part of life? Do you let that fire die into just a smoldering pile of ashes? You don’t have to!

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