Happy Valentine’s Day! So often our sexual intimacy follows the same old patterns until it becomes a habit instead of an experience.


This Valentine’s Day message will help spice things up in your bedroom.

It can be as easy as turning the lights on, opening your eyes, or finding a new location.

The two of you could even incorporate games or foods.

The sky’s the limit for you and your spouse when you open up and challenge each other!

Start talking and praying about your sex life and see the changes that can happen!

Intentional Moments

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Remember back to your wedding day. We’re not talking about just the ceremony and reception. We want you to remember how you felt. Your marriage was going to last forever. You were sure of that. And then…reality set in. You think you can deal with it, and maybe you can – for a while. You still love your spouse, but it’s just not the same. Is it just a part of life? Do you let that fire die into just a smoldering pile of ashes? You don’t have to!

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7 thoughts on “107: SPICE UP THE BEDROOM

  1. Our bedroom is very spiced up and changed up already except in one respect:
    My wife never initiates. She never, ever, turns me down but there doesn’t seem to be an initiating bone in her body.

    • Could it be that she actually does initiate, just not in the manner you’re looking for? I used to say this same thing, until I realized that she does initiate, but it’s a subtle form of initiation. One aimed more at letting me know she’s interested then hoping I’ll take over the reins from there. It comes in the form of what she wears, the brush by as she passes me in the hall, bending over in front of me to get something she “dropped.”

      Maybe it’s there, but not noticed. Just a thought.

  2. As a woman who has struggled with this and still continues to struggle with it, at times, I can say that there is no easy answer. I am much more aware of the situation now and having our intimacy lifestyle has really helped me to make a change. I think some women don’t know how to initiate because we are taught from an early age that our men need to pursue us, that initiating sex somehow makes us “bad”. Some women don’t want to initiate because they feel it’s the “man’s job”. Some women don’t initiate because they don’t want to or just get lazy because he always does. It took me figuring out that this was one way that I could show love to my husband. That has made a difference for me.