Over this last week we have heard from many couples that are struggling with emotional affairs, separation or even divorce.


It’s been frustrating for us to hear the lines spouses are saying during these times such as:

You don’t make me happy anymore.
I don’t think I have ever loved you.
This other person is so much more in tuned with me.

When one spouse is trying to justify the decisions that they are making it wreaks havoc for the marriage. Stop making excuses, have the conversations that you need to build your marriage and fight for it.

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Winning the Clutter War

Intimacy & Desire

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10 thoughts on “115: THE GRASS ISN’T ALWAYS GREENER

  1. Really looking forward to your new book “7 Days of Sex Challenge”! We’ll be getting the Kindle version. 🙂

    We will also be joining you, for our 2nd year, in the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. 😉

  2. I am a reader as well…..I think being able to have ebooks really helps with the book clutter. We are huge fans of our local library too!
    ~I would really like to try the Ustream launch! Thank you for all the encouragement you both share with all of us….we love you guys!

    • I know getting a Kindle will help me a lot with the book clutter. Once I get through the ones in our bedroom I should be good. We also are big fans of the library for books and movies.

      Hope you do get to join in on the Ustream book launch. We are excited to spend time with all of you there.

      Love you guys.

  3. Hello, Tony & Alisa,

    Yup, it’s me, the “Yes, Ma’am!” guy. I’m listening to this episode and hearing you announce the Seven Days challenge, and I’ve got a couple of questions. Since the wife and I are in our 60’s (read ‘long refractory times’), and because of my arthritis pain, our activities can be limited. So I would like to ask if it counts as doing the challenge if it’s done in such a way that EITHER one spouse or the other climaxes each day? For the past couple of weeks, my wife and I has gotten into a pattern of her climaxing one night, and me the morning after. I ask because I noticed that, if this counts, we have achieved this in our recent past. *big silly grin*