New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to get romantic and have some fun with your loved one. This year, get out of your comfort zone and do something a little different.

romantic ideas

From an evening at home to a little weekend getaway, these romantic ideas will help you kick off your new year in style.

Be Home Bodies

This idea might seem pretty boring, but stop and think for a moment just how intimate spending a night with your spouse could really be? Cook a cozy home-cooked meal with a great bottle of wine or bubbly, cozy up to each other, feed each other, and ring in the New Year.

Stay in Bed

Get naked under the covers and ring in the new year skin-to-skin is a great way to ring in the next 12 months. What happens under those covers is up to you.

Picnic and Countdown

Pack up a basket of goodies, and head to your favorite picnic spot or even to the backyard. Don’t forget a blanket to snuggle under to stay warm.

Clean Off the Remains of the Year Together

Wash away 2021 with a steamy shower, slippery soap, and the feeling of warm water across your bodies. Wash and care for each other; then dry off and get busy! Throw in a waterproof toy if you really want to spice things up.

Write Resolutions

Sit down and write a few resolutions for each other. Focus on encouraging your spouse to do things they love. Ideas could be reading a book each month, trying a new food each week, or signing up for that 5K that’s been a dream. Then commit to helping them make it happen.

Pamper Each Other

Grab some massage oils and spend the evening giving each other massages in front of the fire or under dimmed lights. Don’t forget some wine and chocolates to indulge each other.

Burn What You No Longer Need in Your Life

Just before midnight, write your pet peeves and/or your biggest regrets; then let them go by burning them. You don’t have to show them to each other, just toss them into a fire and let them go into the past. This is the year to forgive one another so you can experience the extraordinary marriage you desire.

Find a Local Getaway

Check into a hotel, head to a cabin, or get away together in a tent. No matter where you go, make every moment about the two of you.

Have a Game Night in Your Undies

Video games, board games, and card games. Oh, my! Strip down to nothing but your undies and play some games. You’ll feel more uninhibited, and who knows where the night will lead you!

Netflix and Chill Romantically

This can mean watching some romantic rom-coms or just binge-watching your favorite movies together. Grab the popcorn, something to drink, and chill.

Go On a Midnight Stroll to Ring in the New Year

Taking a walk together in the moonlight is a very romantic thing. You can hold hands, walk close together, or even stop and snuggle for a bit on a bench. When it’s about to hit midnight, stop for a moment and embrace each other under the stars.

Make Out in the Back Seat of the Car

It does not matter if it is parked in the garage or in a spot looking out at the lights. Get in the backseat, put your arms around each other, and make some New Year’s fireworks of your own!

No matter what you choose to do, these romantic ideas will help you focus on each other instead of parties and crowds because this year’s celebration is all about the two of you.

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