Summer is here and it’s time to add some adventure into your physical intimacy.

This is a lighthearted look at many different places that you can have sex. Get out of your “comfort zone” and have some fun this summer.

What places have you or would you like to make love? Share with us below.

The Adoption Key

Emergency Kit (video)

7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition

As C.S. Lewis once said, “Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on what you need to do to have your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Every year our marriages need to be growing and it is important for you to accomplish something that will set it up for a lot of growth.

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6 thoughts on “120: OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO

  1. Some of the places my husband and I have done it are in the car in the middle of a snow storm, in the movie theater, on top of the car, in the pool. Can’t wait to try some other places & get creative. Thank-you Tony & Alisa for sharing this podcast. 🙂

  2. Other places we have done it are: on our quads in middle of the dunes, in our toy trailer in the dunes, in all of our cars in different places in San Diego, our favorite is Fiesta Island, RB Inn parking lot after Happy Hour, every room in the house including dining room table and kitchen counters, plan on breaking in our boat Fathers Day weekend. These are just in the last 6 months always looking for new ideas! Public Bathrooms for us is definately out! Thanks

  3. To give others ideas here’s some of what we’ve done.

    The places we’ve been: (It will be 21 years of marriage this month so I’m sure to leave something out)

    Hot tub: Honeymoon, at my parents house, hotel room.

    Balcony: On our honeymoon and a few hotels over the years.

    Giving my wife a hand-job in a movie theater where no one could see us. (Not sure how many times).

    Work: My office, her office, conference room tables at her work and mine. Up against a tinted glass window-wall several stories high in the office building I worked in, which overlooked a highway.

    In the bushes on a beach.

    On a small island, only a few acres, that we got to by hovercraft. We were the only ones there. 😉

    In the car: Garage (honeymoon), construction site for new homes, construction site new commercial buildings, behind a Kinko’s at twilight, wife using vibrator while we drive around or on long trips.

    Poconos Resort: We had a room with a private indoor pool, round bed surrounded by mirrors, a tub shaped like a two story tall wines glass, fire place, large shower. We did it everywhere in that two story suite. It was our 1st anniversary.

    In-laws (her parents): Living room, kitchen table, two different bedrooms. Our daughter was conceived in what used to be my wifes bedroom.

    Our home: Under the Christmas tree our 1st Christmas together, Hammock in the back yard, hot tub (which we no longer have), every room in the house, storage building in the back yard.