As you sit in your living room laughing from the depth of your belly, tears rolling down your face, the world is left behind and all you see is your spouse smiling and laughing too.


Both of you enjoying a moment that has pushed aside the emergencies of the day and allowed the two of you to enjoy one another.

Laughter is beneficial in many ways. In your marriage laughter allows for you to let loose and have fun.

Your endorphines, your body’s natural feel good chemicals, are released and you never know where you might go from there.

In this weeks show Tony and Alisa talk about how laughter hasn’t been a big part of their marriage. They share their struggles with this and what they are doing to get some laughter back into their house.

Heaven is for Real (Aff link)

Things Not to Say to Your Wife by Tim Hawkins

Sinbad Where You Been? (Marriage segment starts at 12:00 mark)

Laughter is the Best Medicine

What do you and your spouse do that makes both of you laugh?

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17 thoughts on “126: LAUGHTER FOR THE SOUL

  1. Dear Allisa,

    Just wanted you to know that you are not the only person in the world who is very serious and doesn’t laugh alot. That is me. My wife however enjoys humor more naturally. I am sad that times I have suppressed her humor.

    In fact my wife often has to explain the whole story and the punch line before I get it.

    On the flip side, I embarrassed her before we were married when we and my brother and his wife went to Police Academy and the whole audience could hear us cracking up.

    Somewhere in there I guess there is balance.

    BTW- I live about an hour west of Columbus, south of Springfield, Oh. I think I remember you being from Columbus. What section? Would love to meet you if you two if you are ever visiting family and have some extra time.

    • It’s interesting how humor works in couples and yes it is always nice to hear that one is not alone. My parents live in Westerville but we don’t get out there all that often. You’ll hear about it the next time we schedule a trip.

  2. The key for me is something Tony said in passing, learning to be less defensive. I’m still working on this. I am very defensive and it makes it hard for me to relax enough to enjoy a joke that my husband tells or joy in general. Anyway, I am starting to notice this. Thank you for yet again reminding me to keep working on my own goal to be less defensive in order to bring more joy to my marriage.

  3. I just got around to listening to this episode, and I was so surprised. I thought that couples naturally laughed together, but apparently, that is not the case. I dont think a day goes by that my husband and I dont laugh together. Sometimes, it is one of his quarky (dumb) jokes or something that happens in life. The other evening, our dog passed gas so loud while we were in bed, we laughed so hard that we cried. Last weekend, we had a horrible, exhausting weekend with a broken axle, three blown tires, a $400 unexpected expense AND an accident with police intervention on the side of a highway, but as soon as we got home, hubby made a comment that put me in stitches. We laughed about it for 5 minutes after the comment is made.

    Even though we have not had the best marriage in the past, ONE thing we always did together was laugh. In good times and in bad. That very well may be the reason we are still together today, and stronger than ever. I dont want a week to go by without laughter with my husband. I think it’s good for the soul.

  4. I am definitely the more serious spouse. My wife loves to laugh, and that is a major reason I am attracted to her. One thing that has helped break me out of my box is consciously choosing to do something foolish and loony for her when we are alone. I learned early in our marriage that it cracks her up to see me dance around like some sexy sweaty rocker dude, making up really bad dance moves as I go. That is not my personality at all, but I actually start laughing myself just hearing her guffawing at me. Her laughter sparks mine.

    • Dig that you make it happen Cameron. That you found the foolish and loony things that makes your wife laugh. The cooler part is that instead of thinking that it’s goofy and not doing this, you go ahead and do it.

      Way to go there dude!

      Keep it up as it sounds like the two of you have some fun times laughing together.

  5. After listening to this episode I’ve made an effort (somewhat unsuccessfully) to lighten up. I found this interesting blog called Raising Happiness. I thought others might enjoy it.

  6. I’m a major laugher. A lot of people will comment on how much they love my laugh, until its somewhere too public and then people get embarrassed. If you don’t want to be near the crazy laughing person at the movies, you don’t sit with me. Even 14 years after high school, when i run into my old teachers, they’ll comment on my laugh. I’m pretty famous for it. There was a moment in spain, when people recorded me laughing, so it could possibly be on youtube somewhere. I should look one day. It tends to be one of those contagious things. perhaps i should give you a call and leave a message of me laughing.
    You listed the benefits of laughing, but the best thing is that your body doesn’t know if you are faking it or not. You can still get all the same benefits when you laugh at nothing. I led a couple of workshops in “laughing at nothing” for work which were pretty fun. I suppose for me its easy, but for others who are more serious, it could be quite confronting. Laughter can be a choice. If i’m feeling particularly down or stressed, i’ll have a bit of a laugh to help me feel better again.
    If you youtube Laughter Yoga, you can see a variety of exercises that are done in those workshops. I find it funny just to watch them sometimes.

  7. Thank you for sharing with us about Laughter Yoga. I did look for it on youtube this morning and still find myself giggling over some of the clips. I like what you say about laughter being a choice. Being a more serious person, I need to think about that choice when I’m starting to get too worked up.

  8. Laughter is a big part of my life, it expresses joy and it helps me cope with things that bother me too. Saw this and it made me laugh…
    “69% of people can find something dirty in every sentence.”

  9. I think you both are overlooking something on this Podcast. I have been listening to hours of your Podcasts to catch up for a month now. I hear Alisa laughing A LOT. Don’t overlook the fact that when the two of you are together she is laughing. So maybe Alisa doesn’t laugh at everyday things or goofy videos/songs but when you are together you laugh a lots. It is really hard for me to imagine Alisa as she describes herself because she seem to always have a smile in her voice and a laugh comes very easily while she is listening to Tony.
    I for one love to laugh but I don’t find the goofy things all that funny. I am more likely to laugh at the “play on words” type of jokes or quotes then I am to anything else (like the quote from Carmen above). I do like to hear my family laugh and while I might not do this outside (I am an introvert) the home. I love to say and do goofy things to get my kids and husband to smile and laugh. Which with a son that just turned 13 is MUCH harder than in years past!

    • Elizabeth,
      It’s amazing what we learn from our listeners. You’ve been listening to us in such a concentrated way that you probably have heard a lot of laughter. I so enjoy that time together with Tony every week and it’s a way for us to really connect. I also think that it’s one of the few times in the week that I am relaxed and as such just take the time to enjoy life. Thank you for the reminder that I need to be in that mindset more often.