Is sex a stigma in your marriage? Has the past held you back from completely enjoying the amazing bond you could be having with your spouse?


Sex ed or learning about the birds and the bees are an integral part of how you view sex in your marriage.

Parents or other respected individuals may not have talked to you about sex, told you it was bad, or mentioned very little that didn’t help you prepare for sex in marriage.

You may have even been called names or had labels put on you because you looked a certain way.

The lack of sex education combined with being labeled growing up has left you frustrated.

Friends, movies, porn, or experimenting played a big part in how you approach sex in your marriage, but you can’t seem to let the past go.

This week Tony & Alisa share what they learned or didn’t learn about the birds and the bees growing up. They want to help you overcome the past so that you can fully enjoy sex with your spouse.

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2 thoughts on “131: BIRDS AND THE BEES

  1. When my parents dropped me off at college I got from my dad this gem: “When it comes to drugs, booze, girls… use your head.”
    Love my dad, but that left me a little too much to my own devices. Previously I had gotten this “If you get arrested, don’t use your one phone call on me, because I’m not coming.”
    My dad was a cop.