This week Tony and Alisa catch you up on all of the exciting developments that are being worked on at ONE Extraordinary Marriage.


Over the last year the growth of listeners and readers has been amazing.

All of your input via email, voice mail, or commenting on Facebook or Twitter have had us discussing how we can impact you and more marriage now and into the future.

We need your help and prayers as we continue on this journey.

He Zigs, She Zags: Get Your Communication on the Same Path Live Event – Our 1st live event will be held October 13th, inSan Diego.  Who do you know that needs to work on their communication?  Who can you introduce us to that we might be able to help us promote this event?

Live Talk Radio Show – It is our desire to connect with you in a live talk show format, where you can call in and get your questions answered on the air. This will be on internet radio so that no matter where you are you can still listen in. Right now our biggest needs are advertisers to launch the show.

New Products – It’s time to help you build your marriage toolbox and we are creating the tools to help you do just that.  Through step-by-step exercises we will get you moving toward that extraordinary marriage.

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