You’re hiding something from your spouse and it is weighing you down.

Maybe you have an addiction that your spouse doesn’t know about.

Perhaps you’ve spent more money than you shouldn’t have and you haven’t told them. Has that lunch partner become something more?

Living with these burdens can stop you and your spouse from connecting emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually.

You are constantly looking over your shoulder wondering if someone might let the secret out.

You know you need to tell the truth and yet you don’t know how to approach your spouse.

In this episode we share a number of times in our past when we came forth and told the truth. Telling the truth has brought us closer to each other and one reason why our marriage has exploded over the past 5 years.

It’s time for you to start living your life without lies or deceit. Living a life of deception will wear you out. Create the extraordinary marriage that you desire by telling the truth.

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