The events that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School rocked us as we heard about what happened.

We sat in our chairs after we recorded this podcast as tears filled our eyes.

How is it that this week we would be talking about grief during the holidays and this tragic event happens?

We do not know why, but we serve an awesome God.  Our prayers go to the families and marriages that have been impacted by loss.

We look back over eight years as we celebrate the short life of our son Andrew.

He never took a breath and yet his life has impacted our marriage in many ways.

This week we talk about how time has healed our broken hearts and our broken marriage.

In both dark times and joyous times it is amazing how God has worked in us.

If you are hurting during the holidays and are trying to cope our prayer is that you’ll implement the 5 tips From Mourning to Joy and put them to use in your life today.

5 Tips From Mourning to Joy

  1. Save your energy for the most important things.
  2. Be a delegator. Let others handle holiday preperations.
  3. Find quiet time for you.
  4. Scale down holiday activities.
  5. Watch you use of alcohol and medications.

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3 thoughts on “148: FROM MOURNING TO JOY

  1. after what happened in Sandy Hook i just couldn’t wait to catch up to listen to this pod cast.
    I am pretty wordless right now.
    great podcast guys. God does work in mysterious ways.
    Way to go.

    PS back i go to Feb 2011!

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. It was amazing to reflect on the events of that morning and be able to see God’s hand in everything from me getting out to walk, to what I was praying about, to doing the podcast on Friday but not finding out about the tragedy until after the fact.

  3. I listened today, August 28, 2018. We lost our son, John-Michael at 3 mo and 8 days from SIDS back in 1992. This is what helped us:
    #1-we had dedicated him to the Lord, he belonged to
    #2-we went to support groups-Compationate Friends
    (Support for parents dealing with the death of a
    Evening support for SIDS parents
    Daytime support for SIDS moms
    #3-talk about him, he’s as much our son as my others
    #4-it’s personal-one friend knew that I WANTED to hold
    A baby. She was pregnant at the funeral and I hugged
    her baby. When her baby was born, she invited us
    over and allowed me to hold her son for hours.
    #5-Find and listen to music that is supportive of our
    spiritual values. “If you could see me now”, “Sleep
    Sound in Jesus”, “It is Well With My Soul”, etc.
    #6-I had seven older children which I was
    homeschooling and I had to realize that they were
    Grieving too and had a basically unschooled year.
    #7-chat rooms were big, found support there.
    #8-make love
    #9-having a new baby really brought healing to both of
    #10-All my children (we have 11 living children, from
    17 to 39) know about their brother John-
    Michael, we have pictures and a photo album,
    and talk about him on his birthday each year.

    I also lost 4 preborns-my 4th child would not have
    been if I had carried either of the first 2 to term. My
    3rd miscarriage would have made moving to our new
    house a much more difficult situation (we weren’t
    even thinking about moving) My 4th was the most
    difficult since I did not want to end my family with
    a miscarriage.