The holiday season can be an overwhelming and busy time, but this doesn’t mean you should put your marriage on the back burner. With so many festive activities to try, Christmas is the perfect time to be intentional about strengthening your recreational intimacy. 

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Dating shouldn’t stop when you get married. Trying new things and building memories is the key to strengthening your Recreational Intimacy Pillar. This holiday season, you can strengthen your recreational intimacy by doing Christmas activities with your spouse. 

What is Recreational Intimacy?

Recreational intimacy is one of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy®. It’s all about what you and your spouse do together, whether at home, on dates, or just for fun.

Recreational intimacy is strengthened by spending time together, having new experiences, and building memories. 

Why is Recreational Intimacy Important?

You and your spouse are growing, changing people. Spending one-on-one time together helps you learn more about each other and what you care about. Since The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® are interconnected, recreational intimacy can also strengthen other pillars, such as emotional and physical intimacy. 

Having fun has several health benefits. Engaging in fun activities can lower stress levels, boost your mood, help you sleep better, and make you more creative and productive. 

Research shows that married couples who participate in activities together have a lower divorce rate and feel better about the quality of their marriage. One study found that married couples who date regularly, even just once a month, can lower their chances of divorce by 14 percent. 

How to Practice Recreational Intimacy

Extraordinary marriages are filled with laughter, fun, and joy. You can pursue this type of marriage by focusing on your recreational intimacy. To do this, plan fun dates with your spouse. Choose activities that one (or both!) of you wants to try. Build memories by having a good time while focusing on your spouse. 

Remember, dates with your children are not dates. Those are called family outings. To focus on your spouse and build your recreational intimacy, hire a babysitter or schedule a play date for your children. 

15 Christmas Activities to Try This Year

There are countless ways you can spend focused time with your spouse this Christmas season. Use the ideas below as a springboard to talk with your spouse. Discuss together what activities would be the most fun for each of you. Then mark time on your calendar for these activities.  

Nostalgic Christmas Activities

If you want to get out of the house and enjoy classic Christmas festivities, consider one of the following date ideas. 

1. Christmas Lights Drive

Plan a date night with your spouse to drive around your neighborhood to admire the beautiful Christmas lights. Research whether there are any businesses, churches, or streets that go all-out with decorations.

2. Ice Skating

If you have not been ice skating in a while (or ever!), try it this Christmas. Ice skating can be a fun and romantic date. You and your spouse can hold hands as you glide over the ice. Or, if skating doesn’t come naturally to either of you, enjoy the laughter that comes from your feet sliding all over the place. 

3. Watch a Special Christmas Movie

Do you and your spouse have memorable Christmas movies from your childhood? Are there movies you haven’t seen in ages that you want to rewatch? Perhaps there’s even a new Christmas movie you’d like to see. Mark time on your calendar to cuddle up with your spouse and watch a Christmas movie. 

4. Christmas Parade or Festival

Many towns organize Christmas parades or festivals throughout the holiday season. Schedule a date with your spouse to watch a Christmas parade, experience a festival, or explore a walkable light display. 

5. Build a Snowman

If you live in a state that gets snow in the winter, make a plan with your spouse to bundle up and build a snowman in your front yard or at a nearby park. If you don’t have snow, consider making a fake snowman with sand at the beach or miniature snowmen with white putty or Play-Doh. 

Christmas Activities for Homebodies

Even at home, you can boost your recreational intimacy by spending one-on-one time with your spouse. Just keep in mind that your dates should be child-free. 

6. Decorate Your Home

Hanging stockings or decorating the tree can be a memorable and enjoyable event when you do it together. As you decorate, take a moment to reminisce on past Christmases or plan for the future. 

7. Wrap Presents Together

If you have presents to wrap for kids, extended family, friends, or others, make it a time to remember! Put on Christmas music and set up a present-wrapping station with your spouse.

8. Christmas Song Karaoke

Karaoke is a great way to spend time with your spouse, have fun, and build memories. Find karaoke versions of classic Christmas songs on YouTube and take turns with your spouse belting it out.

9. Play Board Games Together

A fun and simple way to spend time with your spouse is by playing games together. Break out your favorite game (that maybe has been collecting dust all year), and enjoy some friendly competition. 

Christmas Activities for Foodies

If all your favorite dates include food, Christmas is a great time to engage in food-related activities. 

10. Cook or Bake Together 

Is there a Christmas dish or dessert you’ve always wanted to learn how to make? Research classes in your town and schedule a date with your spouse. Alternatively, search for a tutorial video and follow along with your spouse at home.

11. Reflect on the Year over a Christmas Beverage

There are so many festive drinks this time of year. Head to your favorite coffee shop to grab your favorite holiday drink or test your skills at home. As you sip your beverages, reflect on the past year.  

12. Try a New Restaurant

Is there a place that’s been on your mind all year that you want to try? Break out of your usual routine and gift yourselves a fresh experience. 

Christmas Activities that Give Back

If you want to contribute to your community this Christmas, plan a date that makes a difference. There are plenty of ways to spend one-on-one time with your spouse while giving back.

13. Go Shopping at a Small Business or Local Market

Shopping at small businesses or independent markets is a great way to spend time with your spouse. You and your spouse can hold hands while exploring what the local store or market offers. 

14. Volunteer Together 

There are countless volunteer opportunities that will help others at Christmastime. Whether delivering meals to vulnerable families, wrapping presents for children in need, or doing random acts of kindness, you and your spouse can spend meaningful time together while giving back. 

A Special Christmas Activity

15. Go on a Weekend Getaway

If you and your spouse need time away to focus on each other, plan a romantic day trip or weekend getaway this Christmas. The busy holiday season can take a toll on your marriage. Protect your recreational intimacy by scheduling time to leave the stress behind and fully focus on one another. 

Make a Change This Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for many marriages. If this season leaves you feeling hopeless in your marriage, you’re not alone. But there is hope. Apply for marriage coaching today to get personal help in strengthening your marriage.

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