If you’re looking for an array of exciting and original date ideas for married couples, you’re in luck! 


It can be tricky to come up with fresh date ideas all the time, especially if you’ve been married for a while. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most exotic, creative, and enjoyable dates to take with your spouse. 

Whether the two of you enjoy cozy nights in, artistic activities, thrilling adventures, or something else entirely, these date ideas will help you strengthen your recreational intimacy and create lasting memories together. 

The Value of Recreational Intimacy

Strong and thriving marriages maintain their 6 Pillars of Intimacy®. While emotional and sexual intimacy often comes to mind first, recreational intimacy is an equally important component of your relationship. 

Recreational intimacy is anything the two of you do for fun. It could be at home, out on dates, or simply spending quality time together. The key ingredients of recreational intimacy are to have fun and make new memories. 

But recreational intimacy is more than just “having fun.” It’s an intentional time to be present with your spouse. It creates a space to have conversations and build emotional intimacy

In fact, couples who date regularly, even just once a month, can lower their chances of divorce by 14%. 

When you make recreational intimacy a focus, you are showing your spouse that time with them is important to you. 

15 Date Ideas for Married Couples

Now that you know why recreational intimacy is vital to your marriage, here are some of the most unique date ideas for married couples to help you prioritize your spouse, rekindle romance, and build new memories together. 

1. Hot air ballooning at sunrise

If you gaze in awe when you spot a hot air balloon in the sky, this is your sign to go in one with your spouse! Imagine witnessing the sunrise with your spouse while high above the ground. Afterward, you can head to breakfast together to soak in the beauty of your morning adventure. 

2. Sample various food trucks

Go “food truck hopping” to try a bunch of unique cuisines. Grab appetizers at one, your main course at another, and finish with dessert at a third. It can be as casual as a hot dog or snow cone stand, or you can try international cuisine!

3. Build a time capsule

Create a memory that you can revisit years down the line. Fill your time capsule with photos, special trinkets, and letters to your future selves. Then, set a date when you’ll open the time capsule again. 

4. Rafting, kayaking, or pedal boating 

Head to a lake or river with your spouse to enjoy a date on the water. For the ultimate adventure, try white water rafting. If you can find a serene lake or river, spend the day taking in the views in a two-person kayak or a pedal boat. 

5. Be each other’s wedding date

The next time you receive a wedding invitation, plan a date around it. You’ll likely dress up anyway, so put intentional thought into what your spouse would love to see you wear. You can celebrate the start of another couple’s love story while also reminiscing about your own. 

6. Take a bike tour

For married couples who love to get active together, a bike tour is a great date idea. Create your own route or look into local bike groups that facilitate group rides. Either way, this date allows you to spend quality time with your spouse, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and create lasting memories. 

7. Laser tag

Laser tag isn’t just for kids. You and your spouse can put your teamwork to the test as you work together to take down people from the other team. You can feel your recreational intimacy build as you stick together in the maze, quietly communicate your next moves, and perhaps steal a kiss in a dark corner. 

8. Cooking classes

You need to eat, so why not make cooking something you both enjoy and feel confident doing? A cooking class can help you learn new culinary skills, spend time together, and also fill your fridge or freezer with meals! 

9. DIY project night

A project night at home is a great date idea. For example, build a puzzle, paint, or do crafts together. At the end of the night, display these projects or creations somewhere you can seem them, so that a glance their way will spark a memory of the date. 

10. Go skydiving

Get an adrenaline rush with your love by jumping out of a plane together. Most first-time skydivers go tandem skydiving with a professional, or you can research other options, such as static line skydiving, which require a few hours of training before you jump solo. Whichever method you choose, it’s sure to be a date you never forget.

11. Hike and a picnic

Strap on your hiking boots and go to a stunning viewpoint with picnic items. When you arrive, lay out a blanket, snack on your food, and take in the views together. 

12. Karaoke

How often do the two of you get to belt out a song together? Head to a karaoke cafe or simply find a karaoke playlist on YouTube. The laughter and joy from this date will boost your recreational intimacy and leave you with hilarious memories. 

13. Virtual reality gaming

Do you consider yourselves gamers? Then take this date idea and make it a reality! Experience VR at home or at an arcade with virtual reality games. Better yet, play exciting multiplayer games and interact with each other in VR.  

14. Blindfolded taste testing

Here’s a tasty way to learn about your spouse: have an at-home date where you conduct blindfolded taste testing of all your favorite food and drink items. You can each pick out your favorite things and take turns guessing the surprise food. 

15. Art gallery tour followed by your own art session

Walk hand-in-hand through an art gallery, admiring the pieces and sharing how you interpret each work of art. Afterward, head to an art studio to create something you can use in your home or hang on the wall. 

Create Memorable and Meaningful Dates

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