No one ever thinks their relationship will grow stale, but boredom can creep into a marriage bit by bit. The difference with extraordinary couples is that they don’t let boredom bog them down.

With a few practical ideas, you can shake up your relationship routine and recharge your intimacy to keep boredom out of your marriage. 

15 Hacks to Beat Boredom in Marriage 

From learning a new language to creating a couples bucket list, check out these great ideas for overcoming feelings of boredom in marriage.

1. Renew Your Vows in a Meaningful Way

You and your spouse have grown a lot since your wedding day—both individually and as a couple. So consider renewing your vows in a unique and meaningful ceremony. 

Whether it’s a destination ceremony on a sandy beach or an intimate gathering surrounded by close friends and family, revisiting your vows allows you to reflect on how far you’ve come and renew your commitment to each other. 

2. Create a Bucket List

Nothing extinguishes the flame of boredom quite like pursuing grand adventures as a couple. What do those adventures look like for you? 

Take some time to compile a bucket list of things you both want to experience. Is it skydiving? Salsa dancing? Kissing on top of the Eiffel Tower? 

When you know what you’re working toward, boredom is less likely to weigh you down. 

3. Take a Spontaneous Road Trip

Work, chores, and family responsibilities can grow mundane over time. One of the best ways to mix things up is to get away from it all! 

Try taking a spontaneous road trip to a nearby town or city. Go for a day trip or stay the night. You could choose a specific city or randomly pick a spot on a map. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new sights, try local cuisine, and create lasting memories together.

4. Attend Live Performances

There’s something special about being part of a live audience. Whether you attend a concert, rodeo, comedy show, or otherwise, being out and about with your spouse is fun. 

Having something to look forward to can help you beat boredom and build more memories as a couple—memories of joy, fun, and connection. 

5. Volunteer Together

If you find yourself feeling bored, it might be time to look beyond yourself. A great way to overcome boredom is to give back to a cause you and your spouse care about. 

Volunteering not only lets you serve others but also allows you to try new things as a couple, see a new side of your spouse, and contribute to something greater than yourselves. 

6. Take a Romantic Getaway

In the same way that dates with your kids are not dates (they’re called family outings), vacations with your kids are not the same as romantic getaways! 

Something as simple as a night away at a nice hotel can help you refocus on each other. It’s an opportunity to break through the monotony of daily life and reignite the spark between you. 

7. Plan Surprise Date Nights

While having a go-to date idea is great, it’s also important to keep trying new things. A great way to keep date nights exciting is to take turns surprising each other. 

Your surprise dates don’t have to be extravagant. The simple anticipation of a surprise can help you shake off boredom and get more excited about your recreational intimacy. 

8. Have a Technology-Free Day

The constant comparison on social media can make you feel like your relationship isn’t as exciting as everyone else’s. Ditch the comparison and try a digital detox as a couple. Start small with a tech-free day and see what happens! 

9. Learn a New Language Together

Mental stimulation is necessary to avoid becoming bored. What better way to engage your brain than learning a new language? Plus, if one of your bucket list items is to visit a foreign country, you can start learning the language in advance!

10. Read Together

In case it’s not obvious, don’t choose a boring book! Find something fun for the two of you to read together, whether it’s science fiction, a memoir, a classic, your favorite childhood read, or something else entirely. 

11. Take a Financial Planning Course

Planning for your financial future can help you snap out of boredom. Consider taking a financial class or meeting with a financial advisor to create a will or estate plan. Not only does this provide something new to talk about, but it also helps you strengthen your financial intimacy. 

12. Talk to a Marriage Coach

Talking to a marriage coach or counselor doesn’t have to be the last resort. If you’re struggling with boredom, a marriage coach can offer personalized insights and strategies tailored to your specific situation. 

13. Assess Your Own Growth 

Feeling bored in marriage can sometimes stem from feeling bored in general. Make sure you’re doing things in your daily life that bring you joy, whether it’s a fun hobby, meeting up with friends, learning new skills, or otherwise. When you’re happy and healthy, your marriage is more likely to thrive. 

14. Have an Honest Conversation

If you feel bored in your marriage, talking about it with your spouse is vital. Do they feel the same way? What ideas can you both come up with to work toward a more enjoyable relationship? 

15. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to try new things in all of your 6 Pillars of Intimacy®, especially sexual intimacy. Get creative with new positions, sexy games, or other products that can enhance the intimacy you already experience. 

The Truth About Boredom in Marriage

Boredom in marriage is common, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent state. In fact, extraordinary couples find ways to overcome boredom. 

Remember, boredom in marriage is not a free pass to do anything that harms yourself, your spouse, or your marriage. Instead, it’s an opportunity for growth, curiosity, and exploration.

So try some of these ideas to break out of boredom in your marriage. Taking action is what separates ordinary couples from extraordinary ones. 

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