You want to romance your spouse and yet you don’t know what to do. Over the years you’ve done flowers, text messages, even written long love letters.

These are all great, but you are looking for some new romantic ideas.

Something fun and different to romance your spouse and ignite the intimacy in your marriage again.

As you read over these 15 ways to romance your spouse make sure to not only read these, but to take action! Write down or add these to your to-do/reminder app.

Once you write down the ones you like, pick the 4 best. Over the next 30 days pick one day per week when you will romance you spouse.

You can follow these as they are or you can adapt the suggestions below to your own nature. Either way, you will be well on your way as you romance your spouse!

15 Ways to Romance Your Spouse Over the Next 30 Days

  1. While your spouse is taking a shower or bath, heat up their towel in the dryer and present it to them when they get out. (Best during cold weather)
  2. Surprise your partner by arriving home with their favorite drink, snack, or ice-cream.
  3. Print out some love coupons and present them to your spouse. One might say: “This entitles you my beautiful/handsome spouse to a full-body massage in the upcoming week“.
  4. Arrange for an intimate lunch date with your partner. Plan ahead with a note saying where to meet up.
  5. Call your spouse when they least expect it and wish them a great day.
  6. For the kid in you, use multi-colored, sidewalk chalk to draw a BIG heart in red and write, “I love you” in the middle of the heart. Do this someplace that is prominent such as on your driveway so that when your partner comes home he or she will see it.
  7. Cuddle up with or without clothing and watch a movie together.
  8. Cook a favorite meal for your partner and then eat it, slowly, by candlelight. If you have kids, put them to bed and do a picnic on the living room floor.
  9. Take a brisk walk through a nature trail (or to Starbucks) and talk about all the reasons why you married one another.
  10. Make a long list of the many (10-20) reasons why you love your spouse. Once it is completed have it framed and present it to him or her.
  11. Schedule a date night where you pick out everything from clothing, the restaurant/meal, and the after date board game.
  12. Recite a favorite love poem over the phone and end with, “It is my desire to romance you again and again!”
  13. Draw happy faces on the box of their favorite breakfast item.
  14. Spend time together without any electronics on.
  15. Truly listen to your spouse when they are communicating their desires, dreams and goals.

True romance in marriage is the little things you do every day for your spouse to show them that you care.

It’s now time to go and romance your spouse over the next 30 days. Most of all have fun as you add some spice and a spark to your marriage.

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  1. Most of these things are simple, and yet so effective. I was surprised to find out how much my hubby likes it when I have lunch with him. It’s not complicated at all, just enjoying a meal and chatting, face to face, in the middle of a work day. It’s a wonderful escape from the stress and pressure of work, and it makes us both feel better for the rest of the afternoon.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I particularly appreciate that the list is so simple and straightforward. I guess, as a husband a to do list is much easier for me to nail down than a more general: Be romantic. It seems to me like the list is an extension of a foundational solution to marriage problem: Court your spouse’s affections, just like when you were dating. Great piece, thanks!