Taking time away and enjoying a sensual shower or bath can do wonders for your marriage.


It’s a time where you and your spouse are showing everything to one another and yet it brings you closer together.

This time in the shower or bath can enhance your emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy in ways other places can’t.

This week we share 9 reasons why you should be taking a shower/bath with your spouse on a regular basis.

  1. Relieves Stress
  2. It’s Romantic
  3. Your Spouse Can Scrub Your Back
  4. Have Fun & Let Loose
  5. You Feel Sexy
  6. It’s a Cheap Date
  7. There’s Steam & Bubbles
  8. Water is Sensual
  9. Great Place to Communicate

One of these or all of these may be why you enjoy taking a shower/bath with your beloved.

What is it about showering with your spouse that you enjoy?

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5 thoughts on “152: RUB-A-DUB THERE’S A COUPLE IN THE TUB

  1. Wow, my wife and I have ALWAYS showered/bathed together, the thought never crossed our mind NOT to shower together, but I guess some people out there dont! I would highly recommend it, it is definitely ‘fun time’, if anything because we are alone and in the water and just goofy as can be. It’s also fun to soap each other up and make sure we are both appropriately clean!

  2. Jennifer and I had a two-person jetted tub installed in our master bath when we built our home. We love the time we spend in the tub together.

    • That is awesome!!! In the last 10 years we’ve only enjoyed a tub like that when we are at a hotel that has one. The last one was in Michigan last February and it was a blast. It’s such a relaxing way to end the day and enjoy each other.

      We’ll have to make sure we have a big tub in the next house we buy.

      Thanks for sharing Kent.