Taking time away and enjoying a sensual shower or bath can do wonders for your marriage.

It’s a time where you and your spouse are showing everything to one another and yet it brings you closer together.

This time in the shower or bath can enhance your emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy in ways other places can’t.

This week we share 9 reasons why you should be taking a shower/bath with your spouse on a regular basis.

  1. Relieves Stress
  2. It’s Romantic
  3. Your Spouse Can Scrub Your Back
  4. Have Fun & Let Loose
  5. You Feel Sexy
  6. It’s a Cheap Date
  7. There’s Steam & Bubbles
  8. Water is Sensual
  9. Great Place to Communicate

One of these or all of these may be why you enjoy taking a shower/bath with your beloved.

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