Professional football is coming to a close with only one game left, the Super Bowl.


The tryouts, practices, scrimmages, and the start of the season started long ago.

The players began preparing themselves as well as the cheerleaders many months ago.

It’s the players on the field playing for that Super Bowl ring, but the cheerleaders on the sideline play an important roll on the field as well.

Today we talk about the cheerleaders in your life and in your marriage.

You need a cheerleader and you need to be a cheerleader in your marriage. This week we go over who a cheerleader is and how you can be the best cheerleader in your marriage.

We also share how you can be the best cheerleader your spouse has. Make it a point to learn about how you can cheer on your spouse around the house, in the bedroom, in their personal development, and in any other way that they need.

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2 thoughts on “153: CHEERING FOR THE HOME TEAM

  1. Thank you for this podcast! I recently took up running and have done several 5K races and preparing for my first half marathon in May. My hubby has been to a couple of my races and I have to say having him there supporting me is one of the best gifts he can give me. I know he doesn’t quite understand my latest ‘obsession’…wish he did and was a little more supportive that way, but honestly just having him there to root me on makes a huge difference. Keep up the great work guys!

  2. I’m a bit behind and finally getting to this episode and can’t stop smiling as I do.

    I spent decades doubting myself. It didn’t matter how much I accomplished, it was the failures or the imperfection in the final product that always stood out. It made every new venture terrifying. I just wanted a cheerleader in my corner … anybody who would say anything that would make me feel ok about me and what I was doing, but instead, there was a mix of silence and “keep you humble” pot shots.

    So why am I smiling? Because my wife Kiana is, far and away, my number one fan, and it’s made a huge difference in my life. I have an “in the flesh” voice that speaks affirmation and encouragement, and I’m discovering a new sense of joy as I engage with my creative side. I don’t know what ventures are next, but for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about taking them on.

    So here’s a huge amen to everything you say in this episode!