Stop the Glorification of Busy!


It’s not uncommon for you to ask someone how their day is going and the response you get is, “I’m really busy”.

You may even answer the same way when someone asks how your day, week, or month is going.

Unfortunately, if you and your spouse are “so busy” that you don’t have margin in your life you are missing opportunities when the two of you can seize the day.

Yes, you need margin in your lives so that you can experience the emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy you desire in your marriage.

Don’t miss the three tips on how you can find more time in your day so that the two of you can connect.

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2 thoughts on “158: SEIZE THE DAY

  1. Hey Marvin,

    Thanks for sharing where you are at sometimes.

    We are totally with you and are a work in progress ourselves. One thing that we are doing more is to batch our time. This gives us margin in our marriage to take advantage when opportunities present themselves. It’s also so that we can live each day because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.