Hopefully you haven’t actually had sex on a roller coaster. That would be very difficult to say the least and a bit dangerous too.


No, this roller coaster is the parenting kind.

The one that you a part of each and every day of your life if you have little ones to adult children living with you.

The stress of raising, disciplining, educating, and being active with your kids can put the breaks on your sexual intimacy.

You’re unable to let go of the daily activities to be present with your spouse, you continue to replay the argument from 3 days ago, and/or you feel guilty because you missed the soccer game.

This week we share how the roller coaster ride of parenting has impacted our marriage and how we are able to still have the sexual intimacy we desire in our marriage. It’s doesn’t happen with a snap of your finger and yet with consistent baby steps forward you will have the emotional, spiritual, and sexual connection with your spouse.

040 – Screw the Kids This is Our Marriage

140 – Scheduling Sex

Total Transformation

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2 thoughts on “159: SEX ON THE ROLLER COASTER

  1. I really enjoyed this one. I think this is something that I struggle with a lot. My son (also the oldest) is 13 and has several on-going issues at school and I tend to put a ton of energy with him and his teachers etc. I find myself not having enough for me or my hubby at the end of the day. I never really realized it until this year when I started listening and looking at things from the “top down”.

    • Elizabeth, you are an amazing woman! I can understand the struggles that come when issues arise with a child. Having been there myself at times it can be very easy to encompass my life around what is happening with them.

      It is at those moments that I have to stop, breathe, and realign my focus in my marriage and life. Is it tough? It sure can be, but each time I do this Tony appreciates that effort I put forth to connect with him.

      Love you guys.