You were raised in a family where talking about sex and your private parts was a bad.


Sex was bad everywhere you went and then you got married.

Now you needed to flip the switch to good sex. This has been tough for you and to this day you still have a bad sex view point even with your spouse.

This week we are here to help you overcome the thoughts that are holding you back from have good sex if not great sex with your spouse. Listen in to the 3 steps to flipping the switch to good sex in your marriage.

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One thought on “160: FLIP THE SWITCH TO GOOD SEX

  1. I just listened to this podcast and I thought it was great. I am catching up on this years podcasts because I was sidelined by a heart attack. Jean and I are getting back on the path to sexual intimacy. Good suggestion to about the Seven days of Sex Challenge. We weren’t able to participate this year like we have in the past two, (three?), years.

    BTW, I joke the same way Tony does about Socrates. (Blame Bill and Ted!)