Love starts out as that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach; a physical emotion that washed over you when you first met your soon-to-be spouse.

During this get-to-know-you stage you were swept up with everything they did with you, such as holding your hand, rubbing close to you, and those kisses.

Your emotions were cranked to the hilt and everything was great.

You’re happy. You’re in love.

You get engaged, then married and as time passed the feelings of love began to disappear. Those fun things your spouse did early on in your courtship now bug you.

The physical reaction you once had isn’t there any longer. Its great to have your spouse around and yet you have work, kids, and other activities that occupy you.

Even more time passes and real world issues cant be ignored any longer. You’re at a point where you don’t care about your spouse or your marriage.

Its at this moment that you need to realize that love is a verb. Love is not about that butterfly feeling, but in you showing your love through action.

This week we share how you can take your marriage from an attitude of “I Don’t Care” to one where you are taking action and showing your love.

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