17 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Newlyweds Will Be Excited to Get

Weddings are a joyous occasion. It’s a time when two individuals come together to celebrate their commitment to one another.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

A new beginning for the bride and groom as they share their first kiss, dance and other ceremonies.

You get to be part of all these firsts with them.

There are lots of hugs, laughs, food and pictures. As the magical day comes to an end you leave remembering that special moment in your life. You also know what’s coming.

Opening wedding gifts. Woohoo!

The new couple gets to sit in the middle of all these wedding gifts as they cover themselves in wrapping paper. This is an exciting time except after opening gift after gift of plates, small appliances, and towels they’re done.

They’ve lost the excitement. Oh no!

This is your time to shine. Your unique wedding gift is going to put a smile on their faces when they need it most.

It’s now time to pick out a unique wedding gift that will be used and remembered for many years to come.

17 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Newlyweds Will Be Excited to Get

Sex Stack

7 Days of Sex Challenge

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Mr. and Mrs. Can Coolers

Silver Heart-Shape Wine Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew

Love Hangers

“Forever” Drinking Glasses

The Discovery Game

Willow Tree Promise

Marriage Name Change Kit

Picnic Backpack

The LoveBook

Together Keyring Set

Couple’s Comfort Blanket

Himalayan Light & Natural Air Purifying Salt Lamp

The Joy of Sex

Choices In a Jar

Grab that unique wedding gift, wrap it and have a blast at the wedding. The last wedding we attended the couple was so excited when they unwrapped their gift. We were given high 5’s and huge hugs.