Ouch! My body hurts.


Physical ailments can cause strife in your marriage when you are unable to be sexually intimate with your spouse.

You are not doing this to hurt your spouse and yet there is frustration for both of you.

Is the pain manageable?

Can you make changes to your medication?

Would non-vaginal sex satisfy both of you?

This week Tony and Alisa share ideas that you may not have thought of so you can be physically intimate with your spouse. Take one action step this week toward healing your body.

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4 thoughts on “171: SEX HURTS

  1. Wow! shocked by your candidness! But grateful for it! Thanks for sharing, I think I’m going to really like your site!

  2. Amen about the birth control pill! I started on the pill I started having sex as a means to control really bad cramping. I had NO idea it diminished my sex drive until after my kids were born and my husband had surgery! Recently I have noticed exhaustion setting in around that time of the month. The doc put me back on the pill after all my blood work came back normal. I asked about the diminished sex drive and he told me that I had to make a decision which I would be best for me to work with, the exhaustion or the low sex drive. I looked at him and sighed and told him well it isn’t like I have been having sex when I am exhausted!
    OK might have over shared right there so I am going to hit Post before I change my mind (I just turned 40 in Feb Tony!)

    • Elizabeth, it’s so hard to figure out what to do when the side effects from the treatment end up being worse than the symptoms themselves. It took me awhile to learn what I could and could not handle in terms of hormones and now I know that I just have to deal with my body’s idiosyncrasies because the hormones just don’t work for me. Thank you for sharing that info on the birth control pill.