These words are uttered across the globe by kids who see their parents kiss, hug, or show some form of affection.


You want to hear them say this.

It’s your responsibility in your marriage to show affection around your kids and their friends.

Your ability to show them a healthy marriage is vital for you and for them.

This week Tony & Alisa share the times when they have heard these words spoken by their kids. They also share with you what is appropriate affection and what you should leave for when you are alone.

The Sex Talk

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2 thoughts on “180: EWWW, THAT’S GROSS

  1. I would love to hear about which one of you came up with the intimacy lifestyle and how the conversation evolved. Did you struggle at first and how long have you guys ever gone with out having sex? During your entire marriage?

    • Hey Russ,

      Great questions you are asking here. I’m the one who came up with the idea to start The Intimacy Lifestyle. This evolved after our 60 Days of Sex Challenge so there was lots of conversations about what we wanted to do to stay connected sexually.

      We have had many listeners who have done the 7 Days of Sex Challenge and then moved into The Intimacy Lifestyle. As this is a way to get things moving forward.

      Over the 4 years of us doing The Intimacy Lifestyle there have been times when we have struggled. If not we wouldn’t be human. During these times we made it a point to talk about what was impacting us at the moment.

      There have been months that we have gone without sex in our marriage. The first 10 years it wasn’t uncommon for us to have sex maybe once a month and even then it wasn’t good sex.

      Hope this helps you better understand where we have been and where we are now.