You’ve been living long enough in a lack luster marriage.


Today is the day that you are going to put on your armor and be a warrior for your marriage.

To often you and your spouse get complacent in your marriage.

Your expectations are that they will take the initiative and yet it’s you who needs to stand tall.

This week Tony & Alisa share what you can do today to be the warrior you need to be so that your marriage can thrive and grow.

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3 thoughts on “181: WARRIOR OR WALKOVER

  1. this episode came at just the right time. it was what we found ourselves in the middle of only a few days before we both listened to 181. we are fighting for our marriage and winning. it’s wonderful. thanks

  2. note taking origami is NOT a California thing! I grew up in IN and we did it all through HS 🙂 Tony you need to fold a note up like that and show it to Alisa, I bet she will remember seeing it back in the day before cell phones and text messages. LOL
    Great episode as usual guys! Love ya!

  3. this episode has me crying at my desk at work.
    so many feels. <3
    I AM a warrior for my marriage.
    Thanks for helping me feel empowered when I was feeling powerless.