It’s time to live the marriage you desire. For change to happen you are going to have to take action.


Your marriage has changed over the years. Your priorities are so out of whack that you, your spouse, and your marriage is lost.

This week Tony & Alisa share how you can make change happen in your life. Start today.

40 Romantic Ideas You Can Use Today to Spice Up Your Marriage

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4 thoughts on “187: CHANGE IS GOOD

  1. I am honored. Thank you for your kind words to me in the podcast. Hoping others gain some encouragement from it as well. I also wanted to say, I full heartedly agree with your no nonsense approach to excuses like “I dont have TIME to work on my marriage, I dont have time to have a date night, I dont have to time to read my Bible, I dont have time to walk or work on my health…” I used to use that excuse along with “I’m too tired.” I love how you tie in health and fitness with a healthy marriage. I had no idea that the change I made in walking would RADICALLY change my marriage. Not because I look hotter:) although that helps, but it has made changes I never dreamed could happen. My attitude, mental clarity, patience, ability to handle stress better, MORE TIME to develop myself, my marriage, MORE TIME to spend with the Lord. Oh so many good things! You said “she walks two hours to work, does her work, then walks home.” And then when I get home, WE do house work, and take care of our three darling boys. That makes for a long day with dinners to make, dishes to be done, kids to water polo, kids to scouts… I add this only to encourage those with the excuse of no time that if you listened to my voicemail and thought “yeah well SHE probably has nothing better to do, she probably doesn’t even have kids, or ministries, or hobbies or or or,” just be assured I DO! I dont have a perfect system but we are working it out together, and making my priorities right has helped tremendously. So to all of you who feel you dont have time… get creative and know you arent alone. They say that exercise, or sports teaches discipline. It is so beyond that. It causes us reach down to the depths of our being and create change, when change feels impossible. To allow our Maker to show us what we are capable of with HIM by our side. For me this one change in my physical being showed me I am capable (with God) of making changes in vast areas of my life.

    • Tammy,

      You are so welcome. It’s wonderful to see someone not make excuses for why something isn’t changing. Instead you took the bull by its horns and have gone after it. Like you say this is one area of your life and yet you now know that you can make an impact in other areas as well.

      He will always be there for you that is for sure.

      Love you guys.

  2. We truly thank God for what you and your wife . We love the podcast this is our first time and I want to say it has change our marriage already in two weeks of listening we have started date nights and we are going to do the seven day challenge !!!! We are excited about what God is going to do in our marriage ! November 1 is our start of our challenge and we are staying the night in a hotel to start what a great way to begin our new lives together ! Thanks again and we love change , change is great !! Stay Bless!